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Dec 16, 2006 07:46 PM

best pasta in nyc?

who's got it and why?

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  1. Not sure I could ever say best pasta, I've obsessed over some at Cacio e Pepe, Malatesta, and Frank, but here's my latest favorite:

    Il Corallo Trattoria in SoHo (Prince & Thompson):

    "Taglierini capri"

    fresh thin noodles with calamari, finocchio, fresh green peas, shrimp, italian parsley, colored peppers, garlic and white wine

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    1. re: billyeats

      Il Corallo Trattoria is wonderful!! My SO and I happened upon it on our last trip to NYC (I scoured menupages in search of highly rated fresh pasta), and we were not disappointed. We don't remember what he had, but he remembers liking it very much. I had the spinach fettucine w/ chicken, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms in a cream sauce. DELISH, mainly because of the perfectly cooked pasta, although everything in it was yummy (although they went a bit overboard w/ the tomatoes). Even when I ate it cold for breakfast the next day, it was firm and super tasty!

      1. re: Aloo0628

        Hmm maybe its better if you eat in. We used to order out from there all the time at work and I never found any of it to be exceptional. And VERY greasy dishes.

        Certainly cant believe that dining 'in' is that much of an improvement that it would rank up near the top.

        Personally I would put on the top list Babbo, Lupa, Bellavitae, Cru.

        1. re: Nehna

          well, i will say that it's probably a hit or miss sort of a place. i went with a friend once, and he got the tortellini w/ basil pesto, but the pesto was actually a pesto cream sauce, which he wasn't a fan of. he didn't really like his dish...i didn't taste it, so i can't vouch for it either way.

          also, for the sake of full disclosure, i haven't eaten nearly enough pasta in nyc to have a justifiable 'best of' list. i was just saying that i too have enjoyed il corallo's pasta in the past :-)

    2. Valdino West on Hudson has some very good pasta.

      1. Babbo pasta tasting menu- everything is simple and tasty.

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        1. re: socal boy

          Babbo I agree with 100%

          Also, Lupa has amazing pasta dishes. I think I may have tried everyone on the menu and always have enjoyed them.

          1. re: Angelina

            love the babbo pasta tasting menu! and yes, lupa is fantastic. the cauliflower pasta dish (forget the exact name) was sooooo good! haven't seen it on the menu lately.
            also....CRISPO's carbonara.

        2. Beppe also has very good pasta. I had the wild boar with chocolate papparadelle a couple of weeks ago and it was out of this world. The chocolate pasta was not sweet at all; there was just a nice hint of chocolate bitterness that went very well with the tender wild boar meat.

          1. Anyone ever have the pasta with caviar and carbonara at Le Bernardin? Has to at least rank up there ;o)