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Dec 16, 2006 07:11 PM

Tantanmen, Sesame based ramen, where?

my friend took me to the park hyatt in ebisu and ordered a ramen that was not on the menu called tantanmen which was sesame based. it was the best ramen i have ever had.
does anyone know anyplace in l.a. that serves this type of ramen? i can't stop thinking about it.

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  1. I don't know offhand, but you can look up local ramen places on, and call them up to inquire - ?

    1. I know Koraku (Little Tokyo & Sherman Oaks) serves Tantanmen. It's a spicy version. My brother ordered and liked but didn't love it.

      I believe Ramen Nippon in Reseda has it as well, but I can't be sure.

      Rameniac, what's the answer?

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        lol... shisen ramen in gardena specializes in a "sichuan-style ramen" that is basically their own spin on tantanmen. it's spicy and i wouldn't quite say it's sesame based (although the sesame flavor might be a bit more pronounced than in other kinds of ramen) and it probably won't beat what the OP had in tokyo but it's the only local shop that even tries to specialize in something similar.

        other than that you can get tantanmen at most of the multi-purpose ramen shops in town like ramenya, kouraku, etc. though they tend not to be all that spectacular.

        1. re: rameniac

          Thanks Rameniac.
          By the way, I did order the TanTanMen at the Koraku in Sherman Oaks, and it was better than their downtown branch's version. Boiling hot and a satisfying spiciness. Maybe the best thing I've had at Koraku besides the fried rice with omelette & gravy.

        1. I just saw your post..and couldn't help but let you know that this is actually a chinese dish...called dan dan mien (my pingying is horrible) can get this at any taiwanese noodle shop....i haven't had japanese tantanmen...but the chinese version is one of my favorites dishes. just an FYI... =)

          1. I feel your pain. My conversion happened at a ramen shop in Azabu-Juban. I get to Tokyo maybe once a year for a week, and have tantanmen at least 3x or 4x per visit. I have tried a few "so called" tantanmen here in LA and nothing seems to be like those in Tokyo. That being said, the most similiar and satisfying for me comes from:
            They do not serve a tantanmen but if you order the Hakata ramen (I prefer the noodles hard and the soup and oil strength normal) and order the spicy miso and add a lot of the sesame seeds and spicy sesame chili oil condiments on the table, close your eyes you are almost there, enough so to get you through to your next visit to Tokyo. Give it a shot.