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Dec 16, 2006 06:50 PM

oden served daily

ate at a restaraunt called kushiyaki dan yesterday by chance. anyways turns out they serve oden everyday. it was very good. also had nato with kimchi which i never had before. the chef is japanese, and for the most part it is traditional japanese yakatori and oden. they do have some japanese korean mixed items though.

4001 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles

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  1. natto & kimchi sounds interesting! gotta try it. thanks for posting.

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    1. re: ladius

      natto & kimchi is awesome! try to find a natto pizza, that's awesome too.

    2. natto & kimchi. Yikes. Could I get some durian with that?

      1. Cross-street for restaurant? Ambience, size?

        I love oden and it's almost impossible to find in L.A. - I had about given up. Is this a Korean restaurant? They don't put onions in the oden do they? I like the taste of Korean food,but the problem is that I can't digest onions and get very sick and Korean places seem to put onions in just about everything. Once a Korean friend asked the waitress in Korean to hold the onions for me and the waitress was totally fluxxoxed. She just could not wrap her arms around the concept of no onions in the food.

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          Omotosando - I love oden as well. I like to just pick up one of the oden sets at Mitsuwa, which are reasonable and could not be more easier.

          I like the one with the mochi filled abura-age pouches. Just add a few boiled eggs/sliced daikon/satsumaimo, steam some rice and prepare hot mustard and your off.

        2. no onions. chef is japanese. i guess kimchi and natto has beome a big hit in japan. i guess the combination has some sort of health benefit. i ate there again yesterday, just the oden.
          great for a cold day. cross steet is norton. small comfortable room with seating at the bar where you can watch the chef do his yakatori.

          1. been looking for oden for a long time and never bought a set except long ago at Yaohan Plaza. does he do kitsune udon as well?