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Dec 16, 2006 06:18 PM

Chan Dara Larchmont location questions

1. Is the patio warm enough this time of year? (What's best place to ask to sit?)

2. What's this neighborhood like - is this any area to stroll after dinner with shops or nightspots around?

3. What's your favorite thing on the menu?


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  1. I can't answer #1, but the neighborhood is great for strolling. Lots of shops and restaurants, but no real "nightspots." I love their chicken noodles, pad thai, panang curry, and their Thai BBQ chicken. Enjoy.

      1. I used to LOVE their Red Noodles. However, Chan Dara has definately taken a nose dive in recent years. Still, I would always eat the Red Noodles and the Vegetable Curry used to be delish too.

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        1. Thanks for your comments. Went there Saturday night and had a quite nice meal. Not to be missed: the scallops appetizer in a vanilla curry sauce. The Saigon spring rolls (summer rolls in rice paper, really) were quite good - and like they used to have at Chan Darette.

          For dinner I had a white fish in a ginger cream sauce that was nicely cooked and gently flavored. It was good but not adventurous - I'd probably opt for a different dish next time based on my flavor preferences. My dining companion had the duck dinner which was a tasty, crispy-spicy-skinned duck - did not have lots of tasty hoisin sauce as Chan Darette used to have though. Still was great and was not greasy - better in some ways than Chan Darette in Marina del Rey used to make before they closed. Good coconut rice.

          Great jasmine tea (bags, but good ones) and absolutely lovely little restaurant setting and place to stroll.

          The one drawback I found was that although service was prompt, the sauces were not as hot as ideally they should've been.

          Great date setting.