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Dec 16, 2006 05:53 PM

Help!! I need frozen yogurt!!

Why does there seem to be no frozen yogurt in manhattan? I am in desperate need of some, and if anyone knows where I could find it I would be incredibly grateful.

If you're familiar with the LA area, I'm looking for something like Bigg Chill, Penguins, Malibu Yogurt, or 21 Choices.

NOT like Pinkberry--I'm talking about the places with classic chocolate and vanilla and other creative flavors). Also, not Tasti D.


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  1. Go to Bloomingdales - the bottom floor (basement) has 40 Carrots frozen yogurt which is amazing! They typically have chocolate, coffee, and a few other flavors. Enjoy!

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    1. re: Sparkles

      I second Bloomingdale's -- they have great frozen yogurt. 40 Carrots is the name of the cafe; the brand of frozen yogurt is called Frogurt.

      There's a Bloomie's in Soho, too, which also has the famous frozen yogurt.

    2. Frogurt from Bloomie's has no comparison (in NYC at least) -- it is the best! I highly recommend the plain flavor, which I usually supplement with granola.

      1. pinkberry is like penguins plain vanilla though. just a bit more "sour".

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          Thanks for the help! Yeah...I can't stand the plain yogurt taste which is why I hate pinkberry. I was tricked into thinking it was what i wanted once, but it is definitely not on the same level as the flavored kind. except maybe for the green tea.

        2. The original comment has been removed