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Dec 16, 2006 05:36 PM

Good food gifts for clients in Napa?

My wife and I are taking a babymoon in Napa this Sunday-Wednesday, and I need to pick up some nice food gifts for clients, maybe in the $15 to $25 range. Any ideas for unique shops/gifts in the Napa/St. Helena/Calistoga/Yountville area? Thanks!!

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  1. Go to Round Pond in Rutherford. Their olive oil, vinegar, and meyer lemon syrup are absolutely incredible. I did an in depth tasting of Napa Valley EVOO about two months back, and Round Pond simply blew me away. It's also right inside your price range - large bottles are $25, small bottles are $5, the meyer lemon syrup is $12. Most of my friends and relatives will be receiving Round Pond for Christmas this year.

    1. Any of the bakeries have regional things. Actually, you'll get better wine selections at MUCH better prices in Trader Joe's. Mustards are a great choice. There are dozens of mustards made in the area. Vella's cheeses are just the best. As are Cowgirl Creamery. Black and Red French Brie from Petaluma just won a "gold" against European companies and there's alwaysd Laura Chenel's goat cheese. One thing you just can't get anywhere but in NAPA is PRAEGER PORTS. They have a tasting room inRutherford and just one bottle is such a treat that your friends and clients will remember you forever. IT IS THE VERY BEST! And, yes, they do have few types in that range. They do not distribute so it's very special. Good luck! Have fun and go to Sonoma County where you don't have to pay fees in the tasting rooms (at least in most).

      1. There's an AMAZING (if somewhat pricey) chocolate shop in St Helena called Woodhouse - they make all their chocolates and they are delicious and gorgeous - almost too pretty to eat. I think you can get a small mixed box for about $20. It's worth the trip to see their shop, all the candies displayed like favorite truffle is the Cinnamon Toast.

        I definitely agree that Round Pond Oils are fabulous, and EVOO is the next big thing in Napa.

        Sweetie Pie's bakery in Napa has excellent small cakes and tarts, but they are pretty perishable, so I'm not sure if they'll serve your purpose.

        1. Wow, amazing recommendations, everyone. I REALLY appreciate it. Funny, I just went to Williams Sonoma in Beverly Hills and they had Round Pond olive oil. I'd rather go straight to the source, though. The Praeger Ports sounds wonderful as well. And I'll have to see what EVOO is, since I actually thought that was a typo at first. Woodhouse sounds like an experience my wife will certainly enjoy. Cinnamon Toast is a great recommendation for me... I love cinnamon. Thanks a lot, everyone! And if anyone else has more suggestions, the suggestion box is still open :)

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          1. Thanks, Everyone. The trip was a success. I got Woodhouse chocolates for my top clients -- $20 a box for 12 pieces/box. Beautiful chocolates, no doubt. I also got mini bottles of Round Pond olive oil, but at Sunshine Market in St. Helena, not Round Pond itself. Also, I brought back bottles of port wine I got in town in Napa (though I don't recommend visiting the actual town of Napa because it's not all that nice). Additional gifts included Napa dark chocolate peanut brittle we got in a market in Calistoga. So, thanks!