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Dec 16, 2006 05:31 PM

LA Times Cookie of the Year

The Los Angeles Times posted recipes for their cookies of the year. Are you planning to try any of them? I'm considering making the Chocloate Sable cookies, but would love input from folks who are better judges of baking recipes (I'm still learning.) Any pitfalls, or do you think its a solid recipe? Will you try making any of them?


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  1. sljones, I'm so sorry I have not made any yet, so cannot contribute anything actually valuable here, but want to thank you for posting this. Several of these look *so* promising and interesting. I hope others will read and comment!

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      Well, the chocolate sable dough is in the fridge, I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out!

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        Those sound great! I might give them a try. Let us know how yours turn out. The orange madeleines also sound really good.

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          Thank you, sljones, I will be interested to see how it goes. I especially have my eye on the "Gingerbread Macarons"--but there are too many desserts in my home right now, I must wait. Lists like that one, "The Best of.." always get my attention, they are often worthwhile.

      2. We just ate a few of the Choclate sable cookies from the oven. The flavor was great, but the texture was a little drier than I expected. I haven't had many sable cookies, so perhaps that is just their nature.

        I only made a few, however, b/c my dough did not hold together when I rolled into logs and chilled. Any help on how to rescue the crumbly dough? I was thinking of letting sit out for a while, and reforming the logs. But I'd love input!


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          Sable cookies are not usually dry, they should be tender and moist in the center. I'd probably bake them for a couple of minutes less than recommended.

          1. re: hrhboo

            Great, will do. Any suggestions on the crumbly dough?

        2. Well, here's the update on the chocolate sables. I would not call myself a novice, but I am not an intuitive baker. I rely on recipes and instructions.

          My first issue w/ this recipe is that it called simply for "chopped" chocolate. I considered grating the chocolate, wondered about melting, but ultimately decided to follow directions and just used my knife to cut it up. As I chopped, I kept wondreing how much these would resemble chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

          Next, my dough did not hold togehter. I was reluctant to press and squeeze to much, from my experience w/ pie dough. Still, I did work to shape the logs. But after they were chilled, when I went to cut, the dough cracked and crubled, and the chopped cocolate got in the way of neat slices.

          Finally, I liked the tased and flavor of these cookies. I really think all chocolate benefits from a dash of cinammon. But as I ate the cookies w/ the chunks of chocolate, I ekpt wondering if these would be better as chocolate choclate chip cookies.

          So, I'd say the verdict is still out. I think these would have been better if I chopped the chocolate finer. And perhaps a more experienced baker, someone who has madle sables in the past, would know how to get the dough to hold together. So this recipe has potential, but it did not knock my socks off. And becaue I used nice 73% chocolate and dutch processed cocoa, that disappoints me a bit.

          Interested to hear your thoughts. What am I missing about sables?

          Also, did you try any of the other recipes?

          1. Where can you find these cookie recipes? I'm new on this board and need a little help.


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              Look at the first post Gracie, Sljones posted the link to the LA Times and the recipe is in the article.

            2. Thanks for posting this SlJones!! I haven't begun my baking yet but I plan to try something and hopefully hounds will continue to critique the recipes before I choose!!!