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Indian Lunch Buffet

I'm looking for a good inexpensive Indian lunch buffet restaurant outside of Boston. I have been to Rani in Brookline and I liked it alot. Has anyone recently been to the Kebab Factory in Somerville or Gourmet India in Brookline? If so, would you recommend their lunch buffets? Does anyone have a favorite Indian restaurant that serves a delicious lunch buffet? Any information would be appreciated.

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  1. There are at least 2-3 of them on moody st in Waltham, I have not been in a few years but i remember them all being good. I think New Mother India used to be a favorite.

    1. Rangoli in Allston (on Brighton Ave) has a really great lunch buffet - I believe for $7.95.

      1. i enjoyed the lunch buffet at kebab factory. quite good i thought. tamarind bay, in harvard square (so techincally "outside boston") is also pretty good, though the last time i was there (about a month) i thought it was less good than previously.

        1. from what i remember, kebab's lunch buffet is larger than most (closer to the size of cafe of india in harvard square than to tanjore's). tamarind bay also has a really good lunch buffet (though one source of confusion to me is that there have been random times when i have gone for lunch and they have switched from buffet to prix fixe- this has only happened maybe 3 times but i've never really understood it. does anyone else?). tamarind bay is, in my opinion, the best indian lunch buffet in harvard square (tanjore comes in second.)

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            I think when Tamarind Bay first opened they were consistently doing the set lunches with just 2 choices of appetizer and entree. These were excellent. Then they just started doing a lunch buffet like most of the other Indian places -- better than most, but a step down from the set lunch, I thought. And, like you say, they've switched back and forth at different times -- I've never been able to get a clear explanation why.

            I haven't been in well over a year, but Kabab and Tandoor in Waltham used to have a great, very homestyle Hyderabadi lunch buffet. Very hole-in-the-wall place, food prepared (at home?) by Indian ladies, with steam trays replenished periodically by the ladies who would quickly disappear back into the kitchen. Best daal I ever had. I'm not sure if recent reports have been as good, though, worth a search if you decide to check it out.

          2. If you're looking for something totally different, I suggest Chennai Woodlands in Ashland. It's a South Indian buffet place -- all vegetarian and quite different from the standard North Indian fare at most places. The food is wonderful -- very authentic, and most of the clientele are Indian. It is a bit of a drive but totally worth it.

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                Agree. Not quite as good but maybe more convenient is Boston Masalaa on 3a in Billerica.

              2. Kebab Factory is excellent as is Diva in Davis sq. Both of these places have pretty large buffets with nice appetizers sections. KF has great chicken kebab which is usually included in the buffet.

                Tamarind Bay has a large and unique buffet. The curries are more liquidy, more flavorful and less heavy that at other places. If you are looking for a change of pace this is worth trying.

                For my money -- the best buffet ($13.95 on weekends) is at Kashmir on Newbury St. It's huge and absolutely delicious. Also, the restaurant was renovated a year or so ago so the space is very pleasant.

                1. one place i have not tried for lunch, but have been meaning to, is namaskar in davis square. it's a bit out of the way for me, but i'm told it's very good. for those w/experience at all 3, how does it rank vs. tamarind bay and kebab factory?

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                    IMO - Namaskar is awesome for lunch buffet and otherwise. the buffet is actually spicy! tasty and fresh and a great selection that is never the same, we probably go at least 1x a month...mmmm... didnt have a good exp. at KF and TB is nice and all, but...i hate the space!

                  2. I second Rangoli...best Indian food in the city. Also, I dont think that Gourmet India has a buffet.

                    1. Chennai Woodlands in Ashland is fantastic; if only there were more good South Indian options in town.

                      1. I haven't been lately, but when I worked in Cambridge, I liked Namaskar in Davis Square. They had a good variety of things, and even a few dessert items.

                        Farther outside the city, I would love to try Gold Star in Framingham. I've had great dinners there, and I know they serve a lunch buffet.

                        1. if you want to venture further north of town, Bollywood Grille on the N. Andover/Lawrence line on 114 is great. Been there a bunch of times for lunch...always a positive experience - great good & reasonable prices. And I am fairly certain they have a lunch buffet as well....

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                            They only offer a buffet lunch on weekends, but in your pursuit I would recommend Punjab Cafe in Quincy. It is in an unlikely location on route 3A. The restaurant creates an atmosphere all its own, and the food and people make it well worth a detour. I would also recommend it for well- priced, individualized lunches or dinners.

                          2. Kathmandu Spice on Mass Ave in Arlington puts out a different buffet selection each time we've been. The standards, like chicken tikka, are very good and there are a lot of interesting unusual items as well.

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                              I read someplace (Globe cheap eats?) that they have a Nepali buffet on Sunday (lunch I think).