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Dec 16, 2006 04:57 PM

MOZZA - Top Restaurant in LA??

it took all year but i finally had a meal that lived up the hype. By far the best meal i've had all year and could possibly be the best LA restaurant at this moment...

why i feel i can make this claim

a) not normally a pizza fan (meaning I started off the meal as a doubter)
b) grew up eating pizza in brooklyn - pizza capital USA (according to some)
c) it was a year full of eating at some of la and nyc's "top" restaurants including Providence, AOC, Luques, Le Bernadin (nyc) and Normans (miss that place), etc (meaning I'm not just comparing Mozza to the local burger joint)
d) I'm not known to be generous with my compliments.

if you haven't made a reservation...better get on that

the two of us had Proscuitto plate, Cod with Olives, squash blossom stuffed with ricotta, fennel sausage pizza, goatcheese -leek-bacon pizza, butterscotch pudding, bottle of wine - a reasonable $120 bucks for 2

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  1. A bold bold bold bold *bold* statement. I've heard some glowing reviews and some mixed reviews, but this is the first time anyone has thrown down the gauntlet and thrown Mozza into the mix.

    1. I had one of the best meals (with the exception of a few places in NYC) in a long time, the other night at Mozza. Everything was exceptional.

      1. Mozza is really good, but not the best restaurant in L.A. Being from NY, it nice to be able to have a decent pizza here, but there are still some kinks which need to be worked out. A bit more tomato sauce with a tangier taste would help with the margarita. Perhaps a bit more time for fine tuning and then it should be considered...

        1. Not even close.

          Pizza is good, not transcendent. Specials are better, but even then not on the level of Angelini's places. Service and atmosphere quite nice but inconsistent. Tabs quite pricey considering the relative simplicity of what's being served.

          1. Thems fightin' words, but I tend to agree. I wouldn't say that Mozza is the best restaurant in LA, but I certainly think it's the best of it's genre. The ingredients are superb, the ambience is spot on and the price is very reasonable.

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              agreed, I'm not saying it the best restaurant in l.a. (yet) but the best of it's genre. in fact, what else compares (in this genre)?

              1. re: hrhboo

                Yeah, I agree - I wish the pizzas were bigger though; I might have to order two next time I go with my awesome girlfriend. Either that or Bacos... What's better a Mozza pizza or a baco at Opus?

                1. re: brightonrocco

                  Oooh, that's a hard one! For ease of getting a seat, I'd have to go with Opus. Maybe your awesome girlfriend should take you there on Tuesday, and then you can take her to Mozza to celebrate the anniversary you missed.