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Gnawbone Tenderloin Sandwich

This morning's paper announced that the famous sandwich will still be available at the Salt Creek Golf Course Clubhouse at the same price made by the original maker. It is just 2.5 miles away from the original site.

Thank goodness. That would have been a terrible loss not to have it available anymore.

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  1. Yeah but will it taste the same in the new venue? Something about getting a sandwich at a filling station as opposed to a country club atmosphere....

    1. The gas station stopped serving December 15 and the golf course will start serving them on January 15. The Gnawbone tenderloin is a "broasted" tenderloin. That's a proprietary system sold by a Wisconsin company mainly for chicken. So I am assuming they are moving the broaster to the golf course and trading on the name. Is it going to be the same? Who knows. The gas station changed ownership numerous times and when someone reminences about a Gnawbone tenderloin of 10 or 20 years ago they weren't really speaking about the same. Since I have tasted so many now and often repeated stops, I also know tenderloins are highly variable and someone dependent on the cook assigned at the time. As for the Gnawbone tenderloin it, in my opinion, is more hype and remembered reputation than good. There are several better tenderloins to be had in the state of Indiana. The Gnawbone tenderloin was good but it was not close to the best I've had.

      It will be harder for me to stop at a fancy golf resort than a gas station on the highway.

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        Well the golf course is on the same highway and the same person is going to be making them. The only worry one of the Food and Fuel wait people had was if he gold course would have the right kind of pickles. I'm just glad I can still get one when the urge arrives and maybe the club house will have mayo and not just miracle whip and i won't have to bring my own.

      2. To paraphrase the New Orleans Saints fans, "Where dat?"

        1. So why the switch in locations? I tried to get the article online in the Bloomington, IN newspaper but they want to charge $5.95 per month to access. So forget that.

          The Gnawbone tenderloin has garnered some clever publicity to pump it up from politicians to national TV. Will the bubble burst with the move? You have to admit getting a tenderloin at a gas station is a differentiation from the crowd.

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            I think the switch is because the present business has gone bankrupt.

          2. The business bankrupted. They just could not keep a mini-mart, gas station etc. going. Amazing for the location and the spring through fall tourists and all of the campgrounds and flea markets around.

            The location is still on 46. It is west of the old location but not far at all.

            Dats is in Bloomington downtown. Used to be known as Yats.

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              Ah! Maybe that explains why they did not have any diesel fuel when we stopped there last summer. I would have filled the tank had they had some.

            2. No big loss for me. I have tried their tenderloin on several different occasions and have found it to be average at best. How they got on the Today Show and in the magazines, I'll never know. Shorty's down the road in Columbus and Blackerby's Hangar out at the Columbus Airport are much better examples of a classic Hoosier tenderloin....in my humble opinion of course.

              1. Attention: candy, jillp, myplateoryours: This sounds like a must-do road trip to Shorty's. If you want to play, e-mail me.

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                  I'm up for it with maybe some shopping time in Edinburgh. Christine is not a meat eater but Jill should be up for it soon.

                  1. Just a quick update, I've been to Shorty's twice in the past month and it is still a GREAT tenderloin sandwich! It's down by the original Cummins engine plant in Columbus.

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                      Shorty's is the best. No real contenders, IMO.


                    2. Shoe leather with fat thrown in for good measure. what a disappointment!
                      Call me obsessed - but my Indiana map has red circles around the great tenderloin towns and blue circles around the pie towns. Needless to say Gnaw Bone isn't circled....
                      and yes I individual map for fried chicken - I told you I'm obsessed....

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                        Couldn't agree more. You might circle them for the most over-hyped tenderloin in the US.

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                          If you get around and try pork tenderloin sandwiches you will see through the hype and realize that Gnaw Bone was indeed promotion with a unique catch - the gas station, its name and some clever publicity. In a golf club house it is not going to survive reputation wise with the sandwich itself. It's average in a non-memorable place.

                          Right now Iowa is doing a better job of promoting the pork tenderloin sandwich and usurping Indiana's reputation. They have to goods to back it too as long as people continue to rave about Gnaw Bone.

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                            No big loss here......drove out to GnawBone about a year ago and was hugely disappointed....I've had many far superior pts samplings...it won't survive at a golf course.