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claudia fleming's gingerbread - question

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Can i make this gingerbread a day in advance?

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    1. Are you talking about the Gramercy Tavern gingerbread cake? If so, I agree with Candy...to us, it tasted even better the next day. Made it for Christmas dessert last year; delicious with freshly whipped cream. That's a really great cake!

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        yes, that's the one. i am making it for a hannukah dinner
        for tomorrow. thanks for the advice.

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          can you post a recipe or a link to it?

      2. There are actually 2 Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread recipes at Epicurious...I use the "other" recipe but both have garnered rave reviews...the one I use does not have fresh ginger in it but I'll bet it's great.

        1. Do you think I could use a Porter instead of the Guinness?

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          1. I've made this twice and both times it was great. It's spicy, tasty, and very moist. I used oatmeal stout and grapeseed oil and fresh ginger in the recipe.

            Great the next day. Took it to the annual Chowhound picnic a few months ago.

            1. Is it true its best to cut the granulated sugar in half? That's a LOT of sweetness in the recipe as written!

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                I would reduce the granulated sugar by quite a bit. I love the gingerbread but find it too sweet for my taste.

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                  We didnt find it too sweet - I would be concerned with a reduction in tenderness if you cut it too much.

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                    I didn't find it too sweet either and I don't have a really sweet tooth.

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                      Note that there are 2 recipes are epicurious--and one has double the sugar of the other (and a few other, smaller, differences), so jen kalb and diana might actually be agreeing on how much sugar it needs! One is called Guiness Gingerbread and the other is Grammercy Tavern gingerbread.

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                        I havent seen the epicurious recipes - I cooked the recipe shown in her book - that one works. Sometimes problems with genuineness of online recipes, even on epicurious.

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                          The one in the book is the one with half the sugar. I have been making it and would definitely not want twice as much sugar!

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                            The recipe that Candy provides a link to above is the Guiness Stout Ginger Cake recipe reprinted verbatim from The Last Course. The other recipe on Epicurious is called "Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread," and has twice the sugar and no fresh ginger, making it a different cake in the end.

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                      Use the recipe Candy links above - the original, which has half the sugar and includes fresh ginger.

                      I have found that this recipe (the original) works perfectly in a 9-inch springform pan, if you want a round cake.

                    3. Just had to throw in my two cents. Not only am I miffed at the duplicity in recipes, but I just made TWO batches for the office, one after the other. I am totally embarrassed to bring a sunken, sticky, unappealing looking mess to my colleagues. Why in the world can't recipes be debugged BEFORE they go out on a website as allegedly reputable as Epicurious? I just wasted my time. Due to the added sugar, I can hardly taste any of the spices I carefully tweaked to taste (I added white pepper and a bit of cayenne, for a bite), and I am too embarrassed to wrap this up as a gift.