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Dec 16, 2006 02:34 PM

Toronto's best

In TO with my husband for two days next week: two dinners and two lunches.
I would like every meal to be great. Price is not really a big concern (expense account!) but we are more into cool delicious neighbourhood spots than fancy financial district uptight places.
Any suggestions ?
and what do you think about Cava and Torito ?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My personal favorites in Toronto include:
      Lai Wah Heen for dim sum -- upscale atmosphere, very fresh and delicious dim sum
      Pan on the Danforth -- great Greek food with a bit of twist
      La Vecchia -- authentic Italian food, my favorite Italian in Toronto

        1. Sado Sushi on Eglinton Ave. West, east of Allen Road. They do incredibly inventive dishes, most of which are found on the chef's specialties menu.

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            Boy, we're really into the trend of omakase lately, huh, Torontonians?

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              Any four of the best restaurants in the city and you choose Sado? I've found these "inventive dishes" are actually a lot more common in sushi restaurants south of the border. I think that for a visitor on an expense account, Sushi Kaji is a much more unique experience.

            2. Hi!

              For a great tasting menu try Perigee. It is in the Distillery District. On College Street there are alot of Italian restaurants. I like Grappa. There is also am amazing Portuguese restaurant, Chiado. In Chinatown I like New Sky on Spadina Ave. On Baldwin Street, there are a number of interesting restaurants. It is an interesting street, a mix of residential and restaurants in the middle of the city. Try Bodega. In the west end on Roncesvalles Ave. try Silver Spoon.

              Hope you enjoy TO!