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Dec 16, 2006 02:30 PM

Costco Appetizers

Just tried the Chicken Pesto purses and mini Quiche from Costco. Not bad at all. I can't say I detected much pesto flavor in the former, more like a knish. But these would fit the bill nicely to supplement a cocktail menu.

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  1. random, we tried the Chicken Pesto at Thanksgiving and have been buying the mini quiche for some time. We found the pesto tasty but the overall appetizer dry. The mini quiche has always been a favorite quick cook with salad during a busy work week.

    Have you tried to frozen potstickers?

    1. I really like the mini quiches.

      And we always have a bag of potstickers in our freezer.

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        The potstickers are great. I think most of the Chinese places around here are probably using them.