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Dec 16, 2006 02:07 PM

Recs. for a great ethnic restaurant that could handle a big (100ish) party in Brooklyn

I'm open to lots of cuisine ideas -- Chinese, Middle Eastern (as long as booze is okay), Russian, Indian... A big private room would be best (or a place that will let us rent out the whole joint on a Sat. night).
Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Marco Polo restaurant in Carroll Gardens- excellent spot for large groups. italian is ethnic right?

    1. If you are looking for something a bit more ethnic you can try out Sahara on Coney Island Avenue. Its a bit of an adventure to get there but it is in walking disance from the train. They have a number of party rooms, i'd go check it out and have a meal in person to see if its right for you. The food is Middle Eastern and very well suited to parties.

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      1. re: bhkart

        I agree. Dunno about booze but Sahara is TOPS! And they will easily take 100.

        1. re: Larry Brooks

          Thanks -- will check them out. Do you what kind of Middle Eatsern?

        1. oh....i thought it was but i see that they are constructing a new website. sorry about that.

          kebobs ahoy...lamb, chicken, fish. great pilaf. salads with feta cheese and olives. the usual apps: hummus, babba, etc.

          big quantities and they are used to crowds.

          1. Sahara sells booze - they have wine, beer, and raki - I imagine they have other hard stuff, too...