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Dec 16, 2006 01:23 PM

Luigi's Bakery in Bridgeport, CT, quality has not been good

I have had 2 different bakery products from Luigi's in Bridgeport, CT lately and their quality has not been the same as it used to be. We had their tiramisu cake which was not tiramisu in any way and last night had their chocolate cannolis and the filling tasted and looked like cake frosting. Has anyone else had similar experiences? do they have new owners?

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  1. Thought I would bring this up and see if anyone has been here.

    1. A coworker brought in some pastries from Luigi's and they we as good as ever. I had two wonderful cannolis and everyone raved about the others. Must have been an off day when you were there. Jay

      1. I know it's a late post, but I completely agree. I went to the one in Trumbull a month ago and it really was pretty bad (not at all like I remembered). The eclairs didn't taste the same and neither did the cannolis (granted nothing went to waste - but not worth the trip any more). I've been going to Purdy Hill bakery in Monroe lately and they tend to be pretty good (I think it's some people who used to work at Francis' Bakery in Trumbull). My only complaint there is that the stuffed breads are never what we order (i.e. if you order a sausage and a spinach bread you may get an eggplant and a pepperoni bread - this has happened multiple times). But again, nothing went to waste.

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          Thanks! It's been awhile and they still haven't changed. That's really too bad because I went all the time in te 80's and always got pastry from them whenever I got invited to soemones home. I guess I can cross them off my list now.

        2. It was my first visit to the Bakery i found the customer services a lot to be desired. all though the cake i ordered was heavenly a Birthday .i told my sister to take the remainder of the cake home but we shared a small slice a second larger slice and a third to realize we ate half of the cake .

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            Recently had a Cannoli cake from Luigi's and it was good as usual. I can't vouch for the pastry's though.