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Dec 16, 2006 01:19 PM

Lantana Cafe

Looking for someplace convenient and easy for a visit with friends last night, we decided to try Lantana Cafe on Rt 60 in Medford. It's quite a sweet little room...warmer and more inviting than it appears from outside.

The food was more than competent and for the price, a good value. Their menu has a broad selection of typical Italian dishes. Several of their specials looked interesting, especially the beef dishes, but I'd had piccata on my mind for a few days so ordered the veal. Tasty, although not as tender as I hoped, and slightly oily. Others had veal dishes and one had the lobster ravioli with a rosa sauce that looked beautiful and she raved about. They serve some flatbread slices dusted with cheese and some spiced olive oil and promptly brought more after we scarfed it all while waiting for entrees. Very tasty caesars. My tiramisu was a bit boring but pretty. The mini-chocolate souffle looked much better.

Service was great, happy to let us chat and linger and visit. I'll definitely go back and try one of their specials when I'm looking for a place to meet friends and enjoy a meal that is uncomplicated by parking, waiting lines, etc.

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  1. Is that still there? I was there about 3 years ago and thought it was rather charming as well, certainly decent.

    1. I had Sunday brunch at Lantana last winter. I had a really tasty homemade corned beef hash and my dining companion had a frittata that he still raves about. We keep meaning to go back...

      1. Lantana just doesn't do it for me. For truly excellent Italian, try Pastalina a block away (across from the Foodmaster).