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best burger in denver?

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i dont care whether its a fancy spot or not, but where have you eaten the best burger in denver? i have only seen recommendations here for City Grill and Cherry Cricket... any others? Thanks!

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  1. My experience is limited, but the burgers at Jack N Grill are quite fine. The beef is ground on site if I am not mistaken, and they will cook it rare.

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      No rare burgers. I have asked for medium rare and always get medium well to well. It is that fear of e-coli.

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        That was one of the best burgers I've ever had. Just delicious and HUGE!

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          I have to say I cringe anytime anyone mentions Jack N Grill. I think it's one of the most over hyped restraurants in Denver. Yes, the quantities are huge but I picture the ingredients being shoveled out of the back of a Sysco truck.

          Don't get me wrong, while I prefer authentic Mexican food I still can appreciate good Tex-Mex as well. IMHO Jack N Grill offers neither.

          Just one guys opinion - not trying to offend!

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            Jack N Grill offers neither Mexican nor Tex-Mex, so maybe that's your problem. They offer New Mexican food, which is different. That said, I haven't been in years so can't comment on recent quality. The last time I went there, however, it was definitely the most authentic New Mexican food I have found in the area.

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              Nothing like chiming back in 4 years later. JnG still rules in my book. Service can suffer a bit when they are crowded, but that applies to just about anywhere. Cannot imagine a visit to Denver without stopping by.

        2. I have to say, it's not a fancy burger, and it's takeout, only. But, Grandpa's Burger Haven has the best "old style" drive-in type burger I've eaten in Denver. The inside of the buns is toasted, the outside is a little greasy, and they put what I like on the burger. It's located on the West side of Federal around 1st Avenue.

          1. Grandpas is very good. Beware of the double. They are huge, and a lot to eat.

            Capital Grill is supposed to make a real good burger, and it is a (realtively) good deal (for an expensive steak house). I haven't had a burger there yet, but plan to. It is a good way to eat at an expensive reataurant, and not spend a ton of money.

            The burger at the Denver Chop House is really good also.

            People swear by Griffs Burger Barn (on Broadway right by I-25). I liked it, but didn't think it was anything too incredible.

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              There was a time when there were 7 or 8 Griffs Burger Bars around Denver, and they had a great burger. There are 2, that I know of, that are left. The one you mentioned, above, and one in old Downtown Arvada. It wouldn't surprise me if the ones that are left are under different ownership.

            2. My favorite is "My Brothers's Bar" in the Platte River area next to REI.

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                How could I have forgotten My Brothers Bar? It is great.

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                  Great atmposphere, awesome beer selection, medicore burgers.

                2. I've had burgers at all the places mentioned, that they are all good. But - my favorite is the Hillcrest Grill at 3rd and Holly in the Hilltop neighborhood of Denver. Their burgers are big and juicy with a lot of different add-on toppings. My favorites are balsamic onions, swiss cheese and basil mayo. Yummy.

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                    Interesting.... obviously not kosher, but isn't that inside the Eruv in Hilltop?

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                      Veggo: It is in the eruv but certainly not Kosher. But then again so is Gunther Toodies.

                      If you are looking for a kosher burger we do actually enjoy the burgers at the East Side Kosher Deli. They aren't gourmet but if you order them medium they aren't bad. We don't keep kosher but family members do so that is what we will order if we go there.

                      GastroNaughty: we heard Cheeburger Cheeburger was really dirty and not worth going to so I appreciate the word of confidence, we mean to go there and don't. Also thanks for the good vote of confidence on Smashburger as well!

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                        aka zoe: working with Mike and Marcy from the East side kosher deli to extend the eruv while I was the city manager was a delight because they are such wonderful people. I helped with the Eruv in Mexico City when I lived there in the 90's, which was 100 times more difficult, partly for being danish. But we have kosher in Mexico.

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                      Hillcrest Grill closed several months ago. It's new incarnation? Locanda del Borgo, an Italian restaurant.

                      As for best burgers, I love Smashburger, Burgers-n-Sports, Old School Burgers, Cheeburger Cheeburger, CityGrille and 1515 Restaurant.

                    3. I had a lunch appointment today in Cherry Creek. I was at Prime 121 on Clayton Lane. and ordered the burger. I could only eat half because honestly it was so big but delicious and seriously wanted to save half of it for tomorrow for lunch.

                      I also would recommend the burger at the Chop House it was one of my favorites for many years, substitute the french fries for their house made mashed potatoes.

                      There is also a new burger place called Smashburger on Kentucky and Colorado Boulevard that recently opened but that I haven't been to. I would love to hear any feedback from anyone that might have tried it.

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                        Check out Jason Sheehan's review in this week's issue of Westword.

                      2. I like Old School for cheap eats and 1515 for upscale. Mustards Last Stand is also very good. As far as national chains go, Lone Star does a great juicy burger.

                        1. Smashburger, hands down. Absolutely awesome burger

                          1. cherry cricket is kind of overrated as far as quality of burgers go. It's a fun place and part of the popularity are that the burgers are customizable. In my opinion, burgers should be made with thick patties of quality steak, well-seasoned, and properly cooked to a temperature of your desiring; lettuce and tomatoes should be crisp and fresh and fries must be excellent as well, whether thick steak fries or thin and extra crispy.

                            Mel's in Cherry Creek has awesome burgers. But of course, if you go there, why not have something nicer of the menu, if Tyler is still chef there... or, that reminds me, Brix might be a good place too.

                            McCormick's downtown has good burgers (only come cooked well, though). But, during happy hour, it's 1.95, and that's a fab deal.

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                              What place serves a burger that is not "customizable"? If you took the lettuce off would they take the burger away? Like a soup nazi of hamburgers?! That would actually be awesome.

                              Just kind of an FYI Mel's closed down several months ago in Cherry Creek (they later opened in South Metro and apparently are going to open another one where Montecitos is located) Also, if you are referring to Tyler Wiard (sp?) the former chef at Mel's he has been at Elways 2-3 years.

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                                whew, time flies... I used to work at Fourth Story, before he left, then last I heard he went back to Mel's. Had no idea he went to Elways... but then, I haven't been working in the Denver restaurant world either. I boycott Elways just by virtue of being irked by the brand... but I may change my mind, just because TW's cooking was something else-- an art

                                Customizable in reference to Cherry Cricket isn't so much about leaving off lettuce or anything, but about putting chile, jalapenos, and other random stuff on it... like pizza by way of analogy. Another place that does that is Cheeburger (a small chain throughout the US... mostly east coast I think)

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                                  5 Guys Burgers (which is new in town) is very customizable. They have a roster of 30 ingredients that you can add to any burger free of charge.

                                  I haven't been in Denver, but frequented some of the original restaurants in their chain on the East Coast (DC and Baltimore). Their burgers are very good (but I am influenced by all the extra toppings, as that is something I tend to dig).

                            2. Smashburger on south Colorado Blvd. came out of nowhere and is, consistently, the best burger in Denver. Vying for second would be Fatburger and Cherry Cricket.

                              1. Cherry Cricket is a favorite. You can pretty much top it with anything you want, from basic cheese to cream cheese and green chiles. They also have a pretty good selection of berr. I've been going there for years and have never been disappointed. (except for parking)

                                1. I don't eat beef but the turkey burger at Fuddrucker's is one of my favorites.

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                                    Anyone try Chicago Mikes on Arapahoe and I25? This is one of my favorite burger joints and their fries are better than McD's (I think). They are a little pricey for what you get, but really good.

                                    If you're into Italian Beef, theirs is out of this world.

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                                        Chicago Mikes is in one of the shopping strips 2 blocks east side of I25, on the south side (Clinton CT & Arapahoe). If you know where Grand Slam is (now it's called just Slam), it's in the same mall.

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                                      Two years later and since Fuddruckers closed down......the homemade veg burger with secret sauce and american cheese at PARKBURGER is TO DIE FOR!!!!! YUMMY!

                                    2. Great post idea! Who doesn't like burgers? Communists? Actually I think they do.
                                      No one has mentioned Rodney's Colorado Burgers? They have a pretty good list of ingredients to choose from and also have buffalo burgers. The burgers were very juicy and just greasy enough to taste great. To top it off, they have sweet potato fries, and they are delicious. Try it out.

                                        1. I like Park Burger on Pearl - buffalo burger is the best.

                                          Mead St. makes a good burger also.

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                                            How about the burgers at the Ship Tavern at the Brown Palace Hotel? What do you locals think of their burgers? I had a burger book that named them in the top 3 in Denver. I get there once a year and I always grab a burger there. Thoughts?

                                            Brown Palace Hotel
                                            321 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202

                                          2. Without a doubt, the Jalapeno Cream Cheese Burger at My Brother's Bar.

                                            My Brother's Bar
                                            2376 15th St, Denver, CO 80202

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                                              Had an absolutely terrible burger tonight at My Brothers Bar. Tasted like it's been sitting under a heat lamp for an hour - dry, chewy, and flavorless. One of the worst restaurant burgers I've ever had.

                                              Service was really slow too - one waitress for 12-15 patio tables who looks to be related to the family that runs the place.

                                              1. re: bubba42

                                                Sorry you didn't read this thread specifically about the burgers at My Brother's Bar until it was too late:


                                                My Brother's Bar
                                                2376 15th St, Denver, CO 80202

                                            2. I think the burgers at Good Times are great, affordable, everyday burger. They use only natural beef. Also recently ate at Deluxe Burger on East Colfax - it was huge and delicious. The Asian Chop salad was also worth eating there. I do not like the burgers at Eco Burger in Cherry Creek - they are grass fed and very lean, but to add flavor (and too much fat) they add a buttered bun and an aoli to the burger.

                                              1. The Lobby in downtown Denver has stuffed burgers ... Try the jalapeƱo cream cheese ... also, The Counter at Park Meadows is very good

                                                1. I'm surprised to see no one has mentioned Deluxe Burger, it's relatively new and fantastic. I personally love the Ahi burger but everything is good. Also, I know we aren't talking sliders but if you haven't been to Tag and tried the Kobe slider yet, I highly recommend it - so good! I normally don't even eat beef but I make an exception for this.

                                                  1441 Larimer St., Denver, CO 80202

                                                  Deluxe Burger
                                                  5325 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220

                                                  1. I really like the buffalo burger at the Bull and the Bush and they have great brews to wash it down. Larkburger in DTC is also pretty good for a more fast/casual experience. And the $1 sliders at Steuben's happy hour is one of the best deals in denver.

                                                    105 Edwards Village Blvd, Edwards, CO 81632

                                                    1. Ed Debevics used to be in Denver, but, might be a long Drive now. Gunther Toodys was very good, haven't been there in a while. The best New Mexican Burgers in Denver are at Twisters.