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Spoon Cookies from Dec. '05 Gourmet

Has anyone made these? The essay that accompanied the recipe annoyed me a little bit (I read that recipe, there's no way it took three days to make a single batch of cookies), but this year I decided to make them. Got the dough done, which wasn't nearly the frenzied ordeal described; and will bake/assemble today. Just wanted to get some feedback in case anyone's already made them.

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  1. Yes, indeed -- these were the big hit of all the new cookie recipes I tried last year. Enjoy!

    1. I thought they were good, not great. Didn't live up to the hype.

      1. I believe I ate the entire batch myself. The flavor is subtle and very good.

        1. I made them as well and I agree, it didn't take three days. However, they did grow on me as the days went on. For some reason, they really are better several days after baking.

          1. I missed those but I alswys save the Dec. Gourmets so I have it here beside me. MAybe I'll get to them tomorrow.

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              I thought you'd locked up the oven after the cookie marathon?

            2. Bread going in to be followed by quince tarte tatin, rugulach dough to be made and rugulach to be produced tomorrow for jr. staff gifts. Tourtiere to be made for Christmas eve. Only wishing the oven could be locked up.

              1. The oven can lock, if it's self-cleaning.
                Well, reader, I made them. They better be good; in a fit of insanity I decided to do the South Beach Diet for the next two weeks (mostly to save myself from eating the cookies I'm baking and the candy I'm making), but I have a taster and she said they were okay. "It's not too sweet, Gramma, but they're interesting." She's 11.
                I would say that they are a true pain, not in the making of the dough--come on, it's just browned butter for crying out loud--but in the working with the dough. We'll see how they taste as they age.
                Now it's on to the chocolate cookies (so simple, so popular), the brown sugar/pecan shortbread, biscotti and toffee. That's what's happening in my kitchen today.

                1. I made them last year and they were DIVINE! Truly melt-in-your-mouth; couldn't wait for them to come to peak flavor!

                  1. Well, I put some on the cookie platter last night (Christmas with my brother and his crew) and they ARE divine! A pain to make, but I'd have to say well worth the effort. I'm convinced.

                    1. I made them back in 2006 and one of my friends is STILL talking about them. Extremely persnickety to make but the cookie afficinadoes will love you.

                      1. I love these. They are easy enough to make and have a simple shape. The flavor is wonderful with the browned butter and the texture is really neat - melt in the mouth. The flavor and texture gets even better if they are stored in a tin for a few days.