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Dec 16, 2006 06:34 AM

Champurrado and Tacos from Delicias Elenitas (Santa Rosa)

Tonight's fast food dinner was a quick detour off 101 to Santa Rosa's taco truck row on Sebastopol Road. Things were pretty quiet on this cold night (43 degrees F) with fewer trucks than my last visit to the area. I pulled up to the blue Delicias Elenitas truck parked in the abandoned service station on the corner of West fully expecting to eat my food in the comfort of my parked car. However, not only does this truck have three picnic tables for al fresco dining, it also has a space heater warming the area under the canopy. I was perfectly comfortable taking a seat for my dinner of a trio of tacos (lengua, cabeza, suadero) and a rich champurrado. Twenty minutes and $4.50 later, I was back on the road home.

Image of taco plate -

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  1. Thanks for the report. Always enjoy your reports about the small places up here. I had one of the best bowls of Menudo anywhere at La Fondita, which must be within a stones throw of where you had those good looking tacos.

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      Aha, you adopted a middle initial! Assuming this is your post on La Fondita...

      La Fondita is just across West from this blue truck. The orange Delicias Elenitas truck is parked in the La Fondita lot. It's my understanding that the restaurant and the two trucks are under the same ownership. I keep meaning to pop into the restaurant for a meal but haven't done it yet.

      Anything new to report on the menudo front?

      P.S. Forgot to mention that the suadero is no longer recommended from DE. Too lean, and tasted like boiled meat.

    2. With the site's changeover, two letter names were not allowed, and that is my post about La Fondita.

      La Fondita and Lolita's Market still have the best Menudo.

      But, there is a new Salvadorian pupusaria on Southwest Blvd in Rohnert Park near the 49er. It looks like it's run by a Mom and Grandmom and they make a version of Menudo like I have never had. It's has a nice depth to it, but is sweeter and the robust chile flavor is muted. They use the good honeycomb tripe, and include the thick handmade tortillas that are outstanding. I don't recall the name of the place, and tried googleing, but nothing. I've had lunch there a few time and have been pleased with the burritos, pupusas, and plate lunches. It's not too far from Bear Korean, and Asiana Market.

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        Mmmm, sounds like you've run across some Salvadoran mondongo soup. Santa Rosa has two pupusarias, now we know of three in the county. Let us know the name and coordinates the next time you're there.

      2. It must be Roselyn Pupuseria & Taqueria 217 Southwest Blvd, RP 794-9047. I haven't eaten there yet. Tues-Sun 10 AM to 8:30 PM

        I'm still enjoying Pupuseria Salvadorena in Santa Rosa near the Fairgrounds.


        1. Thanks Stephanie, that's the place. Guess I'll include Yahoo next time I do a search. It's a small place, and I have found the food a good value, and the people running it helpful, and wanting to please. I hope they can make a living there, there have been more than a few come and go from that location. I'd like to hear your opinion of it.

          Have you tried the Menudo at Pupuseria Salvadorena? I'm always on the lookout for good Menudo, especially in the Northbay.