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Dec 16, 2006 05:41 AM

Need Las Vegas Advice

I am new to Chowhound and this is an awesome site. We're off to Vegas, and on a budget so, courtesy of this board, we plan to go to LOS and to take advantage of the specials at Rosemary's and Commander's Palace. I need advice on a few places; any recs on any of the following?

Aloha Island Grill, Ambiance Bakery & Bistro, Como's Restaurant, ENVY The Steakhouse, Hannah's Neighborhood Bistro, Lucky Cheng's, Marrakech, Original Pancake House, Osaka Japanese Bistro, Panevino Ristorante (same as the San Francisco/Santa Barbara restaurant?), Pasta Shop Ristorante, Roy's, Soul 2 Soul Bistro, Strings Italian Café, Table 34, Tinoco's Bistro?

I really appreciate your help and will report back.

Best to you and yours for a happy holiday season,


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  1. Lunch is very reasonable at Mesa Grill and it's very good. Some of the best burgers you'll ever have.

    Bradley Ogden serves great sandwiches at their bar seating. Very comfortable and quiet, different from most restaurants' noisy bar area. You can order from the full menu as well-sandwich and dessert, if you're trying not to spend too much but want some great food, this is a good option.

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      I was in Vegas recently and we ate dinner at Bradley Ogden. The food and service were excellent. If this is an option to have a reasonably priced meal there, I would go for it!

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        I just got back from Vegas and Bradley Ogden is undergoing some renovation.

    2. I know you didn't mention Mesa Grill but I'll agree with the above.

      I haven't been to any of the ones you mentioned, except for Como's. We loved it but you do realize that it is out in Henderson, at lake Las Vegas? A bit of a drive from the Strip, about 20 minutes or so without traffic. I wouldn't call it a budget meal either. We were staying at the Ritz there one year which is how we discovered it. Had dinner which was wonderful. Had a delicious Kobe style strip steak - if I remember it was about $40ish, and was not large. My husband had a very good pork dish and we had a very impressive dish plate for desert and the wine list was very nice too - great service as well. I don't know if I'd drive out there on purpose if staying on the Strip for this meal - but would go back if I were off-Strip. Lake Las Vegas is lovely but not exactly a destination unless you're big on golfing or using it as a stop over when visiting Valley of Fire, Lake Mead or Hoover Dam perhaps. Some cute little shops, small man-made lake, small casino, some large hotels and expensive private homes.

      BTW, If Lucky Cheng's is anything like the original in NYC - I'd skip it. If anyone can voice an opinion on that, I'd be interested. I work in NYC, lived there for years too and Lucky Chengs was a "hot" destination when it first opened about 15 years ago, but now I'd consider it to be more of a joke restaurant to take out-of-towners who don't know better.

      1. Daniel Boulud @ the Wynn for the prix fixe dinner before 7pm is a bang for your buck! (3 course dinner) Great Ambiance, food and experience. Had dinner there this past Wednesday and it was fabulous as always!
        Had the Short Ribs.....melt in your mouth !

        Check out the menu:

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            The Prix Fixe 3 course dinner is $48....
            There are lot's of entrees that are priced less...the menu is varied,
            lots of choices for all palates.
            The DB Burger is Decadent...stuffed w/ foie gras and short ribs...yummy!

        1. If you want sushi, I would skip Osaka and Hannah's and go to Koto. The drive is the same; Koto's is not as fancy inside as either of the two you mentioned, but the food is better. Hannah's is a very pretty destination type place out in summerlin, and the garlic noodles are very good; it's enjoyable, but there are other Asian places that are less expensive and better IMHO. Like Osaka as well, but the sushi is better at Koto. Panevino is actually pretty expensive; I don't think you save much by going there, and I am not crazy about the food (although the view is good). Tinoco's closed it's location near Table 34, and is now open only on Charleston in the Arts Factory; however, the food is terrific (he is especially good with soups). I'd go to Todd's over Table 34, similarly priced, and I think Todd's is better. ENVY is very good, pretty room; not exactly a bargain, but cheaper than the strip places. I'd go to Ambiance for breakfast or lunch, very tasty, but I'd skip for dinner right now; they've really cut back on their menu. I've only been to Pasta Shop once for dinner, but it was very good; not as big a menu as Panevino, nor as nice or pretty a space, but I thought the food was better; the pasta is just delicious, very tender, and the service was very friendly. Hope this helps...

          1. Osaka on West Sahara was doing solid sushi many years before the sushi craze in the US. Although it's been a while since I've been there, it was always "the real deal" with high-quality fish sliced by traditional experienced sushi chefs.