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Dec 16, 2006 04:53 AM


I just drove 24 miles to Brentwood to try their cake before placing a holiday order. Yuck. Dry and undistinguised. And $$$.

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  1. I too was not impressed. I had better luck w/ the cupcakes from Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock....loved the coconut!

    1. Definitely agree -- my quote for Susiecakes is a friend from work who took one bite of one of the cupcakes and looked at me and said, "I'm in the wrong business."

      1. I really like Susiecakes. The cupcakes taste much better than Sprinkles, which I find sickeningly sweet and bland. Sprinkles' cupcakes do look beautiful, but the taste never lives up to the look. Susiecakes has a much more home made look and taste. I wouldn't drive 24 miles for one, but a great addition to the westside.

        1. The whoopie cake ($5 or $6! can't remember) was something that would only appeal to people under 11 yrs of age. The fudge cake ($5.95, I think) was dry and uninteresting. After all that, I didn't try the apple pie until the next day. Yum! Tasted of apples and apple cider. Stuffed with apples -- reminded me of the the Filling Station pies. Only quibble -- after I ate the pie there were lots of globs of gelatin on my plate. Why would you need gelatin in an apple pie -- especially one with so much filling?

          1. We just served the carrot cake with Double Rainbow vanilla ice cream last night to a very enthusiastic crowd who also loved the chocolate mocha and double chocolate cupcakes. But then again I love Sprinkles.