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Dec 16, 2006 02:56 AM


I am dying to eat a dish of kase spaetzle. I guess I am thinking of Munich these cold and rainy days. Where in the North Bay or The City can I have them?

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  1. Schroeder's
    Gary Danko
    The Alembic (former chef of 21st Amendment, which had good spaetzle on occasion)

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I haven't had the spaetzle at the Alembic, but the old 21st amendment spaetzle was excellent. Speisekammer, in Alameda, has cheesy spaetzle.

      1. re: The Dive

        The spaetzle at Alembic was delicious -very cheesy with rabbit in it.

    2. The times I've had it, the spaetzle at Suppenkuche have been really good.


      1. I give Spaetzle at Suppenkuche an 'A' for tasty, solid; made from the right stuff. Available nearly every day.

        Generally, it's a pretty good restaurant, yet in need of a facelift all around. Friendly crew. You'll like, but go early before the deafening roar of a full house.

        Don't look for good beer at Suppenkuche - not fresh - you're better served going to a microbrewery, of which Thirsty Bear is one of the best in SF.

        But no brewery serves Suppenkuche's good food....

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        1. re: Waterboy

          i disagree about the beer. i haven't been there much this past year, but i used to live across the street. their beer selection is amazing, and they swing in seasonal specialties all the time. the beer flows in this place at a pretty brisk pace, and i never experienced that mildewy funk that unclean tap lines get. as one of the few german joints in the city, they make sure their beer tastes good. better, in many cases, than their food. although their kase spaetlze is very delicious.

          1. re: augustiner

            No beer's made at Suppenkuche - don't see where they've had fresh, local beer. By that I mean brewed in San Francisco, and no more than a day or so old.

            In my youth, I was amazed by beer at Schlitz's Philadelphia brewery, right out of the pipe to the bottling line. Now I know why - it was newborn.

            Schlitz was hardly a craft brewer, yet the quality of new brew was very apparant. Suppenkuche would do better to hook up with a San Francisco brewer - I've had cardboard in the past and no longer order beer there.

          2. re: Waterboy

            It seems unfair to hold tap beer to a microbrew standard. Suppenkuche doesn't claim to be a microbrew, its a restaurant with a good selection of tap beer. To claim that their beer is "not good" when it is better (well cared for, clean & higher quality) than restaurant industry standard is unjust and misleading.

            1. re: larochelle

              Good enough....where I'd write nay, many might say yea....

          3. Another vote for Suppenkuche. Luka's in Oakland serves Spaetzle as a side to a couple of their
            meat dishes, but there's no cheese.

            Sadly, nothing you'll find around here is going to come anywhere near a hot cheesey plate of
            Kässpätzle on a cold Schwabian winter night. Homemade is probably the way to go.

            1. If you're willing to venture further east, DJ's Bistro in Concord has cheese spaetzle on the menu. I've not had the cheese version, but the spaetzle on the side that accompanies entrees here is very good.