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Bar Minnow is now Brooklyn Burger Bar

I walked by today just as the sign was going up. Does anyone know anything about this place. Is it owned by the same chef as Bar Minnow?

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  1. Where? I'm still looking for a good Bkln bar burger.

    1. 7th Ave. & 9th St.
      Hope it's better than Bar Minnow.

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        "Hope it's better than Bar Minnow."

        Well, that's not setting the bar especially high.

        My cynical side says that their burger specialization is a calculated move that reeks of trendiness. BLT Burger, the latest outpost of the BLT empire, opened up at the end of October and there are more high end burger joints on the way. According the the NY Times -


        BRGR and Stand, new luxe burger places, are about to open in million dollar venues. Last year it was BBQ joints, this year it's burgers.

        For what it's worth the South Slope is not exactly a burger wasteland. The burger at Bar Toto (11th St & 6th Ave.), served on a warm panini roll, is outstanding. Johnny Mack's, on 12th St. and 8th Ave., does an excellent traditional bar burger that comes with a giant portion of very good fries. Both those places are no secret - they do great business and are worth a visit.

      2. I felt the burger at Bar Toto was woefully underseaoned. Johnny Mack's is good and so is Bonnie's on Fifth.

        I hope this isn't some trendy $14 burger bar...but it probably will be to justify the high rent for that corner. Oh well.

        Anyone know when it opens?

        1. Check out the burgers at both Flatbush Farm and Beast.

          1. I went for their “grand opening” with my wife and was really skeptical. I always figure new restaurants need a week or so to get the kinks out. The price was not bad by Park Slope standards, $7.50 if you get a standard burger (no cheese) with fries. There was a Kobe burger ($18.00?) but most of the rest of the burgers--turkey, vege, etc.--were about seven to ten bucks. The verdict? Our appetizers were cold and my burger was totally raw in the center (I ordered medium). Hers was underdone too. And it was a vegeburger.

            1. ok. i went by mself for lunch today. i sat at the bar and had a nice chat with the bartender who, i think, is one of the owners or at least one of the managers. i ordered a straight-up cheeseburger with salad instead of fries. i told them i wanted it pink in the middle but not raw and we went for medium. and i ordered a black and white shake. the shake was served to me in a big giant globe glass...and it was ENORMOUS - and very good. just the right proportions of choc syrup to van. ice cream. i couldn't possibly finish it by myself. the burger was good - cooked properly. and it was tender and tasted great ... someone, in another post, talked about not liking spiced-up burgers and i'm in agreement there. they didn't mess with a good thing. i thought the pickle could be sourer and the salad was a nice amount - good romaine with carrots and onions. the vinegrette was a little lemony for me but well-made.
              everyone was pleasant and it's obvious they are working to get their pacing down.
              i'd happily go back for another burger and, this time, a beer.

              i'd also like to comment that the prior poster who got a soda dumped on by a child can't blame the restaurant for that. the fury seemed a bit over the top. it's a bar with a burger menu. these burgers were on par with the ones at rhythym and blues. good bar burgers.

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                Went there on Friday. The burger was good and the wings were fantastic. would love to try the kobe burger, but thought it was a little pricey...redgirl who was the bartender? I would like to know who the new owners are.

              2. uhhh....i didn't ask his name. should have but i was enjoying the not being dressed up and hanging out on a weekday in my jeans at the bar eating a burger! maybe 30-35? sorry.

                1. Went on Tuesday night, and would not go back. Maybe it's unfair to judge a place in its first week. The burgers were dry and overdone, fries seemed frozen. I sent bak the order of wings as they literally made me gag. I think the chicken was just bad or something. Maybe they were made the authentic way - but rubbery undercooked skin - yuk. On top of that, the service was on the rude side, and we witnessed the waitress berating the bus boy several times. Poor guy.
                  I'm beginning to miss Bar Minnow! At least hey made a great attempt at a well-designed, centrally-located meeting place. Being shut down by the Board of Health must have put a huge financial strain on them. I wonder what happened to that enormous carrera marble oyster bar...

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                    There is no new owner. The former owner/chef left and his partner took over and changed the place completely.

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                      I think you are incorrect in stating that Bar Minnow was shut down by the Department of Health. I read something to that effect in another post so I went to the Department of Health website and checked. Bar Minnow was inspected on October 20th of this year, and received four points in a system where it takes 28 points to fail an inspection. Four points is actually quite a good score and doesn't require a followup inspection.

                      There was a lot wrong with Bar Minnow as many have pointed out here, but Department of Health inspections issues were not among their problems.

                      Here is the link to the inspections results:


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                        brooklyn burger bar is now flipsters. and the saga drags on....

                        1. re: TBird

                          That's hysterical. Has anyone been? The picture on their site looks good...

                          1. re: hamstrman

                            The food is the same (just okay), but I think the prices are higher? I only went to BBB once, so I don't remember how much I paid, but at Flipsters, a regular burger, fries and a soda are now $14. I know a lot of people had issues with poor service but I didn't have anything to complain about. But given how difficult it seems to be to keep a restaurant alive on that corner, and that the food is nothing special, I'm not holding out much hope that Flipsters will be around for very long either.

                            1. re: Jeepers

                              i finally had a burger and a beer there last night. was looking for a place for burgers and beers and the angels game and the dram shop was packed. flipsters fit the bill. the service was a little off, trying to bring other peoples food to my table, being out of advertised beers, etc, but the burger wasn't bad. very "homemade" in style. all in all, same as it ever was.

                              1. re: TBird

                                I was super hungry on my way home from the gym and had been curious. For the price, I was expecting a much better meal. I had a tuna burger but it was nothing special and it came without any sides, which wasn't clear so when I ordered what I thought was a substitution (salad instead of fries) it brought my bill to almost $18. That salad was regrettable - big chunks of carrot, crappy thinly sliced tomatoes, lettuce that was nearing its last day of freshness. The service was friendly but slow given the emptiness of the place and they brought me the check from the next table over.