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Dec 16, 2006 02:07 AM

boring old steamed veggies

is there any way to dress up steamed peas?
besides a cheese sauce or butter!

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  1. what are you serving them with ?

    1. Peas with chopped fresh mint

      Carrots with honey and ginger glaze, or dressed with sesame oil

      Broccoli with olive oil and red pepper flakes

      1. Why steamed? You want vitamins, take a pill.

        I'm Southern ... I boil peas or carrots or limas gently with a bit of sugar, or microwave them with a bit of sugar thrown in (just a modest amount of water). Eat 'em with nothing added after that at all.

        Same with broccoli, brussels sprouts - but no sugar. I think they're just fine without a single addition - no butter, nothing.

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        1. re: wayne keyser

          whats exactly wrong with steaming my veggies? i like steamed veggies.

        2. I give a high recommendation to Penzey's Mural of Flavor herb blend. It's high flavor and no salt, but the real selling point for me isn't health, it's taste. Great sprinkled on veggies.

          1. how about sauteeing the brocoli and tossing with a bit of sesame oil. really pumps up the taste