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Dec 16, 2006 01:42 AM

once again, dumpling question

specific to a single dim sum take-out joint that exists ONLY in san francisco (you hear that, chowhound team gestapo! my question is actually limited to SAN FRANCISCO!), i have a query. sorry for the rant. my post has been moved to general board. i get it, i'm asking about a dumpling that is probably very common, but i ate it at Good Luck here in SF, on clement, and i thought folks here could be more helpful, in that sense that people elsewhere. anyways...

ugh. i'm too irritated to be detail-specific. the dumplings i ended up with because they were out of many items, and the woman would only speak to me in cantonese. me, out of the whole line of people. i ended up with flat, half-moon shaped dumplings stuffed with ground pork in a thick, gravy-like sauce. semi-translucent wrapper like you would use for har gow. what is this called, please? and (keeping this SF BOARD CENTRIC) are there other places on clement or perhaps chinatown to acquire these? thanks.

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  1. It may be a fun gor, which has the same wrapper as a har gow. The filling is some vegetables and ground pork. The Chew Chou verison has peanuts. The shape is in a quarter moon shape or a half moon shape.

    Some verison has a little shrimp but the star of this dumpling is the pork and vegetables.

    1. I think maybe the wrapper you are talking about is a little more chewy than the har gow wrapper, more like made from tapioca flour? It's still semi-translucent too. I don't know the name, but I think that may help others who do. I have had that fairly recently, but on the peninsula.

      1. It is defintely Fun Kor. I happened upon these without knowing what they were and loved them. I have ordered them at the other dim sum places on Clement but they weren't as good as the ones at Good Luck. Savory and delicious.

        1. thanks. now i'm kind of glad that woman insisted on speaking only in cantonese. these were quite tasty.

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            Hi, my fav dumpling place in SF is The Pot Sticker (150 Waverly Place). We've had dumplings coast-to-coast and in beween and it's still our favorite. Been going there for 16 years and it's still fabulous. Definitely a well-kept secret if you are not local to China-town -- friends from the Castro (30 year residents) were shocked to find they'd missed it until we introduced them this past summer.