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Dec 16, 2006 01:36 AM

Help! Brunch in Cleveland

I have been living in Cleveland for over 2 years now and stil am unable to find a brunch spot worth revisiting. I've been to a lot of places and so far the best are probably the Inn on Coventry, International Pancake House, and Juniper Grill (not open on Sundays) and none of which have been that impressive. Please tell me that there's something else.

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  1. Lucky's is only open for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. I've been several times and I've been uniformly impressed. They emphasize local ingredients much from their own garden. They also emphasize fresh, quality ingredients. Everything is made from scratch. They have a small menu but it covers a lot of territory and several items are always interesting. Your's Truly is another good choice. They've got several locations and I hear that the one I like isn't necessarily the best one but it's the only one I've been to and I like it. They have the standards, done well.

    I've only been to Juniper Grill once. They're not open on Sunday's? That's weird. Oh, well. I agree with you so...

    Hopefully some of my second hand recommendations will also be helpful. I don't eat out for breakfast very often so I haven't had a chance to sample these or it's been forever since I've been there but I've heard good things about each of them and everything I know about them is encouraging. Specifically, they are all independent places with someone on the premises who has a personal stake in the restaurant. And each of them makes real food from scratch from real ingredients. If I were looking to try a new brunch spot I would try Mom's (co-managed with Moxie, on of the city's best restaurants) and fire (another of the city's best restaurants). Also Crust and Crumb and Dink's. Osiyo Teahouse and Espresso Detour may only have pastries and other limited items and not the full lineup of standard brunch foods but I think it would be worth calling and asking. Finally, Muse may not be an independent restaurant but I'm sure they have a serious chef and the menu they have posted on their website has several interesting brunch items. The menu also suggests that they try to source quality ingredients and even local occasionally.

    1. 100th Bomber Group, by the airport has a brunch, as does Melt in Lakewood. Both have websites with their brunch menu's.

      1. My favourite, hands down brunch place is Pier W. I am really surprised that one wasn't mentioned. Granted it is expensive. If I remember it was around $40/person w/o drinks, but the quality is excellent. Specially if you like raw oysters. I can eat $40 (at the standard restaurant price of around $2 each) worth of those little devils right there. If you hit it on the right Sunday they will also have their bouillabaise which is excellent. The desserts are great as is the rest of the fare.

        If you are looking for something oriental and a little different, head over to the Oriental side of town and go for Dim Sum. Bo Loong has long been one of my favourites, but I am sure there are others that serve good Dim Sum as well.

        1. I have to agree about Lucky's. Check the menu out online I have gone several times adn this is my favorite. oddly I have had only one off day. I say oddly b/c it is always great otherwise. the waffles are standout as is the cheddar scones with sausage gravy. Baked goods are all great. I like the dim sum idea too. Not western breakfasty at all, but great. I have been to Tom's Seafood, and Lil wah for dim sum on weekends and really enjoyed both. While not an "you can eat" fan, Tom's is nice b/c you can try so many interesting dishes all hot and fresh off the carts. I think it is about 7.99. There are a few nice items on the West Side Market Cafe menu (such as the pancakes) this is more of a traditional breakfast place than brunch.

          1. Lucky's is the best brunch spot in Cleveland! I ate there this morning. Local ingredients and careful preparation. Brunch dishes are less than $10, and the atmosphere is casual.

            Tommy's on Coventry also does a good brunch (by Cleveland standards).