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Dec 16, 2006 01:35 AM

Hand made torillas Mexican breakfast SF Chavita's

Chavita's #2 at 3161 24th Street near South Van Ness breakfast
M to F 7am to 10am special price $5.75 which includes coffee. Choose from Huevos Rancheros, Con Chorizo, A La Mexicana, Con Jamon or Chilaquiles, all served with rice and beans and hand made torillas, after 10am, price goes up to $5 or $6 not including coffee. Also Chavita's #1 is located on Mission St at 26th Street, next to the liquor store (green front). Both open on the weekends, probably later times. The 24th Street location seems cleaner and newer, the Mission Street location is more "real." Either way, the breakfast hits the spot. Regular meals, nothing to write home about. If you don't speak Spanish, be patient here.

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  1. Are they related to Chava's on Mission btwn. 24th and 25th?

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      no totally different, after Chava's moved because of the fire, their taste is not the same.