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Dec 16, 2006 01:03 AM

which dumpling did i eat? [Moved from S.F. board]

stopped by clement st. with a friend to pick up some crab, and was hungry, so i ducked into good luck for a few quite bites. half of what i wanted they were out of at the time, and there was a big line. i ended up with these dumplings that are flat, half moon shaped, with that almost translucent wrapper you use for har gow, etc. it was stuffed with ground pork and green onions, maybe a few diced veggies, i can't remember. But, the filing seemed almost bound in a sort of gravy, a thick sauce. the woman, for some reason, decided to speak in nothing but cantonese to me, even though she spoke english with everyone else. i am not chinese and CLEARLY not capable of speaking cantonese, however much i wish i could, hence the pointing and hair-pulling. anyways they were delicious, and i'd like to know how to order them next time, in english, cantonese, or...sign language. thanks.

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    1. re: designerboy01

      sorry, just saw this. no, it wasn't pleated along the edge and it was pretty flat. thanks, though

    2. It's a "fun gor"

      There are many versions of this, some flat (homestyle)...

      some not (Chiu Chow)...

      and fried, not steamed...