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Local Butcher - Where to Buy Berkshire / Kurobuta Pork?

Does anyone know where a lay person can buy Berkshire, Kurobuta or other heritage or speciality pork in L.A?

Specifically, center-cut loin roasts or similar cuts.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. I have no idea, but I anxiously await an answer to this question.

    1. Mitsuwa has selected smaller cuts for boiling, broiling, grilling, etc. Talk to the manager and maybe you could score something larger...

      1. Nijya Market on Sawtelle should probably have it. If not, I would suggest any large grocery store in little Tokyo downtown.

        1. I've always bought this stuff via the Internet, but if I were looking for a local source, my first call would probably be to Harvey's Guss Prime Meats (949 S. Ogden, Los Angeles, (323) 937-4622).

          1. Try calling Victor's Meat & Deli, they are usually able to find what you're looking for:

            (310) 837-8401
            10002 National Blvd.,
            Los Angeles, CA 90034

            1. Thanks for all the speedy replies...

              1. I'll be curious to see what you find since I just ordered a Kurobuta ham online.

                1. I've seen smaller cuts at Marukai in Gardena (Western Ave)and Kurobuta sausage.

                  1. vicente foods, san vicente, brentwood............snake river farm, very yummy

                    1. The easiest is to order online from Heritage Foods. I have a quarter pig in the freezer, nice loins, chops and roasts, also sausage, bacon and scraps. The berkshire pig averages around 10.00 a pound, including shipping if you have the space. Everything has been superb, it is old style pork, fat cap and all. They also carry hams, fresh roasts alone, and other singular cuts.

                      1. If you're just looking for a pound or two (or less) of high-quality meat locally, you can't beat any good-sized Asian market. Last week I bought some good "black pig belly meat" sliced like bacon at the HK Korean Market near me in Glendale. Yesterday I was at the newly expanded Mitsuwa market in Little Tokyo downtown (Weller Court) and they have a fine selection of speciatly meats and USDA Prime meat, usually sliced paper-thin for shabu-shabu. Same for Mitsuwa and Marukai in Torrance. They sell portions so small - a pound or less - that you can buy just what you need for a meal; you can buy and try some real expensive cuts of eat without mortgaging the house.

                        1. Alexander Meats in San Gabriel usually has racks of Kurobuta pork on hand, but frozen. You can try ordering from them a few days in advance if you want fresh. It is pretty expensive, though.