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Dec 16, 2006 12:58 AM

Organic Butchers -- Ottawa/Kingston/Windsor/Northland

Anyone know any good organic butchers in Ottawa, Kingston, Windsor, or the North?

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  1. There is an organic beef farmer in Kenilworth (near Listowel and Hanover), Mr. Bayer, certified since '96. His meat is processed by Frey's, a Mennonite butcher. It is available frozen, every 4 months, from
    A 30 lb. assortment is $225. The site will explain how they deliver to pickup points in southern Ontario.

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      If you are happy with naturally raised meat (I know I try to eat organic but will accept naturally raised meats), then you can get a 50 pound box for the same price from .

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        I took my first delivery from beef connections last week; it was from Huber's farm, and I got to talk to him, (in the cold, at Bloor and
        Euclid, for several minutes.) The meat was superb, and the cuts much as specified. (The summer sausage, $4/lb, is really good.) Some steaks are cut on the thin side, but you can get custom cutting. For my next order, I think I'll try some of Huber's Berkshire bred pork, and the Black Angus beef from Walkerton.

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      1. An Ottawa organic butcher that we go to quite often is Saslove's on Richmond Rd. They also have a location in the Byward Market. Saslove's carries a decent range of organic and hormone/antibiotic free meats. You can also try the Canadian Organic growers - Ottawa website for a wider range of products too:



          Located in bells corners between ottawa and kanata, Free Range has really good quality meat at a decent price.

          I find Saslove's really marks up the prices on their meats, to the point that buying meat becomes a problem for a family on a tight budget.