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Dec 16, 2006 12:57 AM

SASABUNE - a little intimidated!

I am dying to try Sasabune but am slightly intimidated that there isn't a menu! Does Sasabune allow you to express preferences (ie if dining with a vegetarian?) Also, what is the average price? can you express how much you want to spend?


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  1. Don't bother. No one in LA would eat there. The omakase is always the same (never based on the market), and it would be generous to call the quality irregular. Not a place for a vegetarian in any case.

    1. And the rice is way too warm, and loose. I went (here in NYC) already. Not going back.

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      1. re: gutsofsteel

        GOS-I have been meaning to try it out of respect for the LA hounds. Please elaborate. Thanks,GG.

        1. re: guttergourmet

          Sasabune is not popular with the LA board. If your priority is 'respect', I suggest staying away. That works if your priority is food, too.

      2. i went back for my 2nd time last night, the omakase were all the same. the table service was slow. we had to wait up to 20 min in between pieces. staff still nice. i agree the rice is too loose as all of us had sushi that fell apart. so, i don't think i'm going back. it was fine to try once.

        i listed what the pieces were in my previous post if that helps. you can tell them anything you don't eat but doubt there is an all vegetarian option, it's sushi.

        1. It is true that many respectable posters on the LA board don't like Sasabune. I will say that many experienced and discriminating food lovers in LA still love it. When I take visiting food lovers there, they always rave about it, many saying it's the best they've had (though none who have been to Masa or Urusawa). The owner, who has decades of experience first in the fish business then in the sushi business, still personally goes down to the fish market very very early and picks out the fish.

          I know nothing about the NY branch and won't try it when there for obvious reasons. What I am saying is that if you can afford to eat sushi regularly and if Sasabune-NY is like the LA branch, you should try it once yourself. I do not doubt that many discriminating sushi lovers will not think it's great, but many will truly love it, fwiw.