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Dec 16, 2006 12:11 AM

Maine Lobster or Spiny Lobster?

I would like to serve lobster for a special dinner for my parents. However, which is better tasting? Maine Lobsters or Spiny Lobsters?

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  1. I cannot say which taste better...but I can comment a bit on how you want to prepare and serve them. During the season we love the Spiny lobsters, really just big tails, which we have split and then grill and baste with garlic/butter..and serve in the classic Baja way with beans, rice, tortillas, salsas, salads, etc. How do you plan to prepare whatever you buy, and what do you want to serve with them? This will help you decide perhaps.

    1. Good point. I didn't even think about that. I was going to do the classic, boiled lobster w/ melted butter. I'm a 28 year-old bachelor, just now learning how to actually cook and trying to show my parents I've grown up a bit. :)

      I might get ambitous and try doing the splitting, grilling, garlic/butter thing. Sounds great.

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        You don't say where you live, but you can buy fresh Spiny lobsters and ask they be cleaned and split. Some places in San Diego sell them already cooked, which means they simply have to be finished on the grill...I prefer to get raw, cleaned, split and then steam for a few minutes and finsh on the grill. The rice/beans/salsas can easily be purchased at a great Mexican deli or take out and salsas bought other places as well, as well as some fabulous tortillas from, say, Trader Joe's. This is not an elegant meal, but yummy!

      2. I goota take a side here! Maine lobster! Maine Lobster!
        Maine Lobster! Boiling is extremely easy and all you need
        is some drawn butter and maybe a baked potato! Steaming may be a little more involved but I would recommend it!
        I've had great success with these guys.

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          YEH!!! Maine lobster!! I have to admit,I haven't had a lobster in awhile,but if I was going to have one,It would be a Maine one.Only because of the claw meat,spinies dont have claws,and your missing out if you dont try them.Tails are okay,but I dont like the green stuff,Yuk!!! Claw meat is the best!!!!!!!

          1. re: bunnny

            Oh yes, Maine Lobster WITH all the Tomally(green stuff). It tastes like the essence of lobster flavor. I would never give up, willingly the great claw meat. If you have a little time, you can order a whole New England Lobster Bake. It comes in a big tin can which you add water to and cook on the top of the stove.. It has clams, mussels, new potatoes, sausage, and the specified # of lobsters. Is delivered to your door packed in dry ice. I have NEVER had lobsters that tasted fresher. All in one pack.

        2. Maine lobster--my experience you get more meat with the Maine--I like it broiled with drawn butter and lemon on the side-enjoy

          1. If you serve Maine lobster (boiled or steamed) with drawn butter -- are you and your folks comfortable with disassembling them? Do you have nutcrackers or something to get into them? Again, where you buy them can help you out.

            (I'm just speaking from the experience of being a daughter of New England married into a NJ family -- we spent a week last summer with them at the Jersey shore, and for our last night together, MIL went out and bought Maine lobsters -- ordered them from the fish market and said they'd steam them for us (she knew we had no lobster pots at the house). I asked about nutcrackers, picks, etc., and she hadn't thought of that -- they'd only eaten them in restaurants that split the claws and tails for you. Turned out this market did that for us, too, but I ended up disassembling most of them.)