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Dec 15, 2006 11:17 PM

White Castle

I had my first white castle experience yesterday in Chicago. I loved it, loved it loved it. Not sure if it was the gimmicky portion size or the lovely way the bread, meat cheese and onions all melded into one gluey entity. It was fabulous and I easily polished off 10. I am from the West Coast so I cant get them usually. Cant wait for my next trip East!

Question, how does my love for the White castle affect my status as a Chowhounder? What is the general consense about this particular chain? Should I be embarrassed and swear never to return on epicurian moral grounds........

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  1. I'm not going to knock you for loving White Castle, I go there on a regular basis. It is one of my comfort foods. By the way, they sell them frozen in Chicago (and other) area grocery stores, maybe you know someone who would overnight them to you frozen. I do that for a friend in Cleveland with Chicago style hot dogs.

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      I would say definitely check your local grocery stores. I've found them frozen on the West Coast. Having said that, they definitely don't do justice to the real White Castle, but you can play around with heating methods and get them to be close enough to satisfy a craving. They're also handy to keep around when you're just in a big hurry and need a little nosh to tide you over or don't have any burgers and buns in the fridge. I think they survive the freezing and reheating process better than other burgers, and they're ready in an extraordinarily short amount of time.

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        I absolutely adore the little burgers. I live in WashDC area, and the closest WC is probably in New Jersey. The frozen burgers are in the stores here, but I have not yet bought any. I should! Whenever I go to Bowling Green KY (my sister lives there), I always get a "crave case" and gobble them all down. And the Dusseldorf mustard is the best!

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        1. Welcome the the tribe. You will find a subset of chowwers that will look down their noses at us. Then there are the rest of us who like food for its quality not for the sign under which it's sold.

          White Castle was the first burger chain, waaaay before Kroc took a stand in california. Those of us who grew up devouring these little nuggets of pleasure view all other fast food burger chains as also rans.

          My first was in the early 60's and they cost 8-cents. For a dollar you could get 6 burgers, fries and a coke (none of this diet stuff) for well under a buck.

          The frozen box does not do the gooey-ness its just reward. Only tried, maybe ten years ago and the microwave I think damaged more than cooked. Maybe today;s technology works better.

          Moz, wear your WC badge with honrs. You are now officially a member of the true chowhound contingent. But be prepared for some who will criticize our love for these gooey burgers as one step above the trash.

          As for me give me more.

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            I've been posting about White Castle on Chowhound for years. One of many -

            On the MyChow section I list them among my Top Five restaurants. I'd never set foot in a McDonald's but I'm good for 4 White Castle visits a year.

          2. You can make facsimiles at home under ther heading of "sliders."

            1. Who care what the others think. There are some here who get all worked up about White Castle. If they don't like it, so what. Plenty of others do.

              Word of warning (as mentioned above) -- stay far away from the frozen version at your grocer. They are repulsive.

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                When they're all you have - the situation in which I now find myself - they're pretty damn good.

                Once, I managed to get 12 in my mouth at once. Those were the days.........

                :::: sigh ::::