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Dec 15, 2006 11:15 PM

dough rising

i'm finally making donuts - i have an aversion to cooking with yeast, and am determined to learn how to do it properly.

so i plan on serving them to guests tomorrow night. the first round of rising says to let rise for an hour an a half. i'd love to make the dough tonight - is there a problem letting it rise overnight?? (so many recipes say to let rise overnight).

my other question is if i can let it rise overnight, does it have to be on the counter? After a previous pest incident in my building, i triple wrap everything before putting it away, never leaving food out on the counter. (gotta love city living...) can i rise in te refrigerator?


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  1. If you let it rise overnight, put it in the refrigerator. It would over-rise on the counter, and could overflow your bowl or it could turn sour. Take it out around an hour before you're ready to use it, and let it come to room temperature.

    1. Yes, ditto kittyfood recs. But one thing, yeast donuts will go stale in a heartbeat so fry them as close to dinner as possible. I LOVE raised donuts. Used to make them with my nana all the time... Yummmm

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        ended up making the whole thing today... they are rising for the second time now, 4:00... will be done rising at 5, and company is coming at 6. so i will fry them as soon as im done frying the them time to cool and drain a little before dessert and to be coated in powdered sugar... cant wait...