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Cafferey's Irish Ale

Does anyone know a location in the Bay Area that
1) you can get this on tap
2) buy cans of it?

I know it is available in other areas of America but I haven't had a sip of this stuff since I got here from the Uk and I'm starting to crave it!!

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  1. City beer may carry it. They have the best selection of beer in town. Call them



    1. Johnny Foley's has it. Call the Dubliner and ask them too, I sort of recall seeing it there.

      1. Thanks for the tips...I'll check those out

        1. I've had Caffrey's on tap at Edinburgh Castle, but I'm not sure if it's always available.

          1. Please let us know if you find it in the can. I have a friend that has been looking to buy some and has been unable to locate it.

            1. I know its arrived in other parts of America, it just hasn't made it this far yet! Hopefully one day. I actually 'settled' for some cans of Boddingtons as a vague substitute and am currently rather enjoying another long forgotten drink from my past.

              Boddingtons always makes me think of the 90's adverts with Melanie Sykes, and thats got to but a good image in your mind!!

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                It's here. At Johnny Foley"s for sure.

              2. I think you might be up for a big letdown unless somethings changed. In 2002, I noticed Caffreys started to disppear quickly from bars and stores. I chased the last kegs down to the crappy bars that never sold it and it and drank it stale. Finally I contacted the company and one of the biggies like Heiniken had bought the rights to US distribution. They chose not to distribute it. bastards. Unless something has changed, as this thread is making me think, it is gone. Over the last 4 years I have gotten false hope regarding this matter. People always say someone has it,oh yes, they are sure, but it never pans out. It is an urban legend. About once a year I get Caffrey's. In 2003, in London, and then in Canada a few times since then. I have brought it back by the case as it is still readily available there. Please if there is any truth to US availability of Caffrey's somebody please confirm it. And I mean you actually put your hands on some.

                P.S. about this Johnny Foleys. Caffreys? just as I thought

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                  I haven't been there in awhile, so I called and Foley's no longer has it..............

                2. ok here is more info from another site with a link posted below (I am wrong evil, watery Coors bought the rights)

                  Now, here's the problem with Caffrey's... you can no longer get it in the U.S. As faithful American drinkers of this fine ale may already know, Coors Brewing Company acquired Caffrey's in December, 2001 when they purchased U.K. based Carling Brewers who had the distribution rights. Sometime in 2002, they stopped distributing Caffrey's in the U.S. due to poor sales. It is still available in the U.K.

                  If you've had Caffrey's and want to see it in the U.S. again, you can call the Coors Helpline at 1-800-642-6116 and let then know, or you can sit back and do nothing about it while poor uneducated souls end up buying and drinking Coors' other acquired (and promoted) Irish-type beer Killian's Red.

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                    And Coors was recently swallowed up by Molson...........hard to keep track anymore

                  2. and the problem with Caffrey's, is there is nothing like it. I know Boddingtons has a creamy mouth feel (is that even a proper way to describe a beer? something seems wrong) but it just does not come close. Did Molson actually buy coors or the other way around? I remember back in the day Molson was actually pretty good (esp if you got the stronger Canadian version), but is has not been right for a long time..at least in the uS anyway. I hope to make it to Canada again this year to get my Caffreys. The problem is even though you hide it in crisper in the fridge form your guests, they sniff it out and drink it all. so sad.

                    1. Allegedly a merger of equals but all of Coors top management left and HQ is in Canada.

                      1. I have a store in Berkeley (I forget the name) doing a search to see if he can get it into his store - apparently this place stocks beers that are practically un findable in the US, so we will see.

                        1. Don't forget to post the results...while the cost would be prohibitive to ship to me..I am curious! Caffreys is not hard to find at all in Canada, just not sure what the laws are pertaining to importing it.Now I have just gotta go to Canada and get some.

                          1. Just got the reply...

                            "We haven't had any luck finding this any where. Sorry."

                            I was expecting that, but never mind. Maybe the re-launch that is going on at the website will bring about a change in the future?

                            1. in the meantime, take an empty suitcase to Canada