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Dec 15, 2006 11:04 PM

pastry boxes

Just wondering if anyone knows where I could buy some pastry boxes. I was going to make cookies for holiday gifts and thought it would be cool to put them in pastry boxes and tie w/ string.

I live in Brooklyn (Clinton Hill), but could go to the city easily.


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  1. I don't know how many you need, but if it's a small number you might just go to your local bakery and ask if they'll sell you a few. I did this last time when I needed just a couple and they gave them to me.

    1. There's probably a lot of places; I'm on Long Island so I'd go to Inter County Bakery supplies in Farmingdale around Rte 110, you probably don't have to have an account. I'd guess there's 100 or more boxes per case? The butcher twine comes on a large spool separately. And I'd also guess that there's bakery supply places in Queens and Brooklyn, I'm just not familiar with them. Alternately, if you're friendly with anyone that owns a bakery (like where you shop), they can get you in what you need no problem.

      1. The Container Store on 6th Ave usually carries nice boxes that you could put homemade cookies in.

        There's also a baking supply store in that are as well but the name escapes me at the moment.

        1. Cooks Companion on Atlantic and Court

          1. That's how I package my holiday cookies every year. I buy my boxes at The Broadway Panhandler in Manhattan (they just moved to a new location on 8th street). They have a large variety of sizes and shapes--I bought loaf-shaped boxes for $2.75 for a set of five.