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Dec 15, 2006 10:49 PM

Burger Craving Quest

I lived in San Diego for four years and was privileged enough to enjoy great burger places like Rocky's in Pacific Beach and Hodad's in OB, but now that I'm living back in LA I can't seem to find a burger that even remotely compares! I'm not looking for a unique burger like a Father's Office burger, but just a good, old-fashioned, thick, juicy, burger that MIGHT compare to Rocky's or Hodads. HELP! Preferably near the South Bay area....

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  1. Master Burger. best burger in la. not the best neighborhood. some might recommend you go while there is light out. it's take out.

    4419 S Western Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90062
    (323) 295-1940

    very thick and juicy might not be able to finish it. good fries too. get the master burger special. burger, fries, drink for about $4.50. you should call ahead as they take a while to cook.

    1. In San Pedro there is a divey BBQ place called Big Mike's that make an outstanding burger. Outrageously huge hand-formed patty topped with a hot link and all the fixins. Burger combo with fries and drink runs about $7 bucks and allow about 20 minutes to cook it -- its that huge! You'll be full the rest of the day :)

      Smaller but tasty too is the hamburger at Bake & Broil in Long Beach. Great pies too.

      1. The burger at Pretelli's in Culver City might be just what you are looking for.

        They grind their own beef so they are able to cook it to order. I like Medium rare.

        The fries are only O.K. I order them crispy.

        1. If you are a Rocky's Fan, then you will probably like Apple Pan on Pico near the westside pavillion. It's pretty close to the style of Rocky's burger.

          1. Apple Pan is a pretty thin burger...OP requested thick. It seems to me I've had good burgers at non-burger places. For instance, the burger at Bluebird Cafe is yummy on a brioche bun, but it's certainly not a typical hamburger place. One really good burger in a surprising locale is the burger at the 3rd & Fairfax Whole Foods, cooked to order, good quality meat. Downside: no fries.