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Lunch around the Seattle Center?

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We'll be doing the touristy thing around the Seattle Center 12/31. Any lunch suggestions? Any cuisine goes. We'll just need to make sure that we save room for our NYE's dinner at Mistral. Thanks.

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  1. While you're at it, we'd appreciate lunch suggestions in the Pioneer Square area. Unforunately, Salumi's will be closed between Christmas and New Years, so that won't work. Thanks again.

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      I recommend Pho Bac (in Chinatown a few blocks west of pioneer square on 7th & Jackson) for lunch if you've never been. Have the pho tai chin.

      If Vietnamese beef noodle soup isn't your thing in the damp, dark days of December, well, you're crazy. But OK, there's no accounting for taste - if you want another option, I heartily recommend the new Elysian Fields brewpub just to the west of Qwest Field (there's entrances on both 1st Ave S and Occidental). Very nice beers (including a rotating cask selection) and good food. The steak sandwich is a particular standout at lunch. (Maybe not the most adventurous choice, but it was outstanding both times I've had it.) Was also quite pleased with their mussels. And the beer. Oh, their amber ale when on cask is heavenly! This is probably the best lunch in Pioneer Square proper.

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        Fine places, but neither is anywhere near Seattle Center.

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          I think terrier was responding to the Pioneer Square part of the request..........

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            Oops! You are right, of course.

    2. Since you're eating at Mistral that night, a nice complement would be Racha, a good Thai place just west of the NW corner of Seattle Center. But if your touristy activities include going up the Space Needle, you'd might as well eat there too -- the food is decent and, while overpriced, includes the view. And if you're going to EMP, having lunch there could make sense.

      1. Meditteranean Kitchen, on Roy, North of the parking garage, has "Farmer's Dish" = killer Garlic Chicken wings. This entre will qualify you for the mezza tray, which is also a memorable experience. There is a Mcminnaman's pub kitchen there also, and some other good places I have not visited.

        Crow is at 825 5th N has a following.

        1. Both Crow and Med Kitchen are good, but Crow is closed at lunch every day and Med Kitchen is closed for lunch on Sundays, which includes the day you mentioned.

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            Thank you Bruce.
            What's else around lower QA these days.
            There was a Thai place (Tip Tum Thai), and Italian, and Mexican (Jalisco?), but names are hazy in my ole gray brain.

          2. Other good places nearby include Moxie ("modern American", about a year old), Pagliacci Pizzeria, Tup Tim Thai, Roti (better than Chutney's these days), Percheno (the Italian place you mentioned), Shiki, and Sam's Sushi (Sam's is closer but I like Shiki more). I'd recommend any of them if you're in the mood for what they serve.

            I've never tried Jalisco; I think it's a chain.

            1. Might want to try Boat St Cafe, down at the end of Denny in the Northwest Lofts Building. They are open for lunch and you can get a nice light nosh that will be truly tasty.

              1. Perchno has moved to Green Lake. Shiki is worth the extra 2 block walk beyond Sam's. For Thai, I can strongly recommend Phuket on QA Ave ... for everything *except* their tasteless, gluey pad thai. If you really want that dish, go to nearby Racha, which has a much wider menu than Phuket. I found Moxie's food to be overpriced for what you get, but the staff are great - definitely worth stopping in for a drink.

                1. Another vote for Racha here. It's one of the most popular Thai restaurants in town among Thai folks, which is a good sign.

                  My favorite hard-to-find-authentic dish: try their basil chicken (pad gaprao gai) "Thai style" with ground chicken and a fried egg on top. Really simple, wonderful flavor, very tasty. All their noodles that I've tried have also been nice.

                  1. I too recommend Racha although Tup Tim Thai is also quite good. Racha's menu is enormous and they have a very nice atmosphere. Rhoadies BBQ behind the 76 station on Denny (very close to the Space Needle and EMP) is another good option although they have odd hours and only one dinky table, which is outside, to sit at. The Mediterranean Kitchen has very tasty food but expect to reek of garlic for about a week after eating there.

                    Don't bother with any of the places in the Seattle Center's dismal food court.

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                      Update: Rhodie's moved to North Bend, I think... I sure miss them.
                      Smll plates at Panos Kleftiko are fun and tasty and the place is charming.
                      Pagliacci is there on Mercer, for good Seattle style pizza and salads (the Pagliaccio is grad school sustinance for sure). The Center is just blocks from the heart of Belltown, which has everything.

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                        Re: Rhodies

                        I saw that there's a new Q place there now.
                        Anyone check it out?

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                          Rhody has always been in NB (Ken's Truck Town exit, they are in the Shell station). They had a Seattle outpost near the SC, but it's closed now.

                      2. Try the Crow. The Crow is close to downtown and the Seattle Center, and all other attractions the city has to offer. And certainly is a deluxe American neighborhood bistro. The Mediterranean platter worked well for starters. The Kumamoto Oysters were superb, and three of us had the chicken (which I will certain repeat next time around). Generally oysters cost about the same, big or small. Smaller oysters are usually tastier. The wine list worked well with the food, complementing the entire dinner experience. Let them help you select, and you will probably have a bottle both better and cheaper than if you go it alone. As stated in the Seattle Times "They do everything absolutely right."

                        Barry Shulman

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                          Crow (not the Crow) is open only for dinner.