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Dec 15, 2006 09:51 PM

Queens recs: family friendly for couple with a new baby

DH and self looking to compile a list of restaurants we can go now that we have a (very) young child in tow.

We'd hate to show up places where we'd be intruding on other diners, so if you know of any places that are best for families of any age or stripe, list it here!

here are some that we think would be ok about a child dining there-- tell me if we're wrong!

Tacos Coatzingo
Spicy and Tasty

Please help add to the list! Thanks-MM!

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  1. de mole
    pio pio
    nick's pizza

    1. Our baby is now 19 months--agree on De Mole--they are super sweet to our boy--Pio pio is used to lots of babies--Nick's pizza very nice also--Corfu Grill in Forest Hills also very sweet--California Pizza Kitchen in Atlas Park's very nice--La Flor--very nice--Hemsin Turkish--Sunnyside very nice--La Tavernetta in Glendale--VERY nice--but tiny place--so go OFF HOUR-------and of the Bukarian places in Rego Park--tons of babies all the time--Just Like Mother's Polish in Forest Hills--nice, too--------------Really most places are very accomodating if you are sensitive to the time you go, and if your baby starts freaking out just take them out for a breath of fresh air...

      1. When our son was a baby, most midscale places in Sunnyside and Woodside were fine. The Thai and Turkish restaurants were particularly welcoming.

        Above and beyond that, there were some restaurants that seemed really happy to have a baby, and in fact the waitstaff/owners would pick the kid up and carry him around while we were eating. This happened at El Comelón on Greenpoint Avenue between 41st and 42nd, and on the next block at Grey Point Thai.

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        1. re: grvsmth

          Here's what we have so far:

          Tacos Coatzingo
          Spicy and Tasty
          de mole
          pio pio
          nick's pizza
          Corfu Grill
          various Bukarian places in Rego Park
          Just Like Mother's
          El Cornelono
          Grey Point Thai

          Sounds good, so far. Any others? Please keep those suggestions coming!

          1. re: MaspethMaven

            Great thread for those of us with 20-month olds.

            Biggest thumbs-up--Manetta's in LIC. Very spacious, all the help seems to like the little ones, and I always take ours over to watch the pizza man do his thing. Food usually comes quick, too.

            Bella Via also pretty good in LIC.

            Tournesol in LIC good for the really tiny babies but they don't have high chairs and the space is cramped if your baby wants to toddle.

            Super-friendly, a bit cramped, but otherwise great, especially early in the evening: Agnanti.

            1. re: MaspethMaven

              add Rosa's pizza on Fresh Pond Road, our almost 20 montho old baby boy loves it there for some reason, flirts with every girl that walks in the place...and is absolutely crazy for their garlic rolls!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. My wife, 18-month old sone and I had dinner at Chalet Alpina, an old German mainstay on Metropolitan Ave., and found the staff to be very accommodating. The food was pretty solid as well, and reasonably priced. You won't be disappointed....