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Talulla in Arlington--any good?

I just moved here and am looking for the kind of great food, good wine, relaxed neighborhood places i relied on in Brooklyn...is Tallula any good, or, any suggestions?

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  1. if you want that get yourself up to Dino in Cleveland Park. Tallula is just ok, but last time I ate there was like a year ago or so.

    1. I am there fairly often - about 1 per month. Great food options (little plates, or full meals), tasty too. And have had some wonderful wines there as well, even recommended by the knowledgeable waitstaff. They pride themselves on the vast array of wines by the glass, and they have some interesting uncommon selections as well. Do try it.

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        any more great neighborhood places in arlington to recommend?

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          There are tons of bars/scenes . . . I like Willow (more adult, good food) and some of the places in Clarendon on weeknights. Whitlow's has a burger special on Monday nights, and Boulevard Woodgrill has an interesting wine selection and killer mac and cheese. Good luck!

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            A quick search for Arlington (or its neighborhoods, such as Clarendon, Ballston, Court House, Rosslyn, Crystal City) will turn up a lot of results.

            A few of my favorites: Ray's the Steaks, Cafe Tirolo, Taqueria El Charrito Caminante, El Pollo Rico, Bangkok 54, Lost Dog and Ravi Kabob.

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              Oh, and Tallulah's good too, if a bit more upscale than the ones I listed above.

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                I picked up lunch from Ravi Kabob today. Driving back to the office, I didn't go crazy from the smells as I do w/ Kabob Baazar. Bread and rice were alittle underdone, chicken slightly overdone but decent. Cucumber sauce runny, chickpea mixture was reasonably spicy (enough to notice but not sweat). Decent lunch but don't get why people would drive in from MD to get lunch from Ravi.

          2. I like Tallulah for a neighborhood place. I would also recommend Village Bistro, which is on Wilson Blvd. between Rosslyn and Courthouse. In the same shopping center are Guajillo (good Mexican) and of course Rays the Steaks.

            1. I really like Tallulah. I've had a number of good meals there. What's nice about it is that it is a neighborhood place with upscale menu items and a creative flair. Bull 4242 has a lot of great suggestions.

              1. Tallulah - I dont get the following it has. The atmosphere is nice the entrees I have had had been good but nothing spectacular but the service has always been horrible - I always feel like the waiter could care less whether we order, what we order and we have to ask him for the desert menu, for additinoal drinks, coffee etc...and then I feel like it is an inconvenience for them. The deserts were extremely disappointing. That said I dont understand the raves when there are plenty of other places that offer the whole deal - service, good food through desert etc...My 2 cents - maybe I have just had bad luck the 6 timed I have eaten there. I will say that there is a great wine by the glass menu - my advice - go for drinks and appetizers

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                  It's interesting how experiences differ. Browneyz99 had poor service at Tallula but I've eaten there several times and the service was outstanding -- not just competent, but friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and observant. The service is one of the reasons (along with the great wine list) that Tallula is one of my favorite restaurants.

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                    I will have to give it another chance - could be that the last two times I had the same waiter and sat i the same section - maybe that was the kiss of death...I really want to like the place! it just hasnt lived up with my experience to the raves...or maybe with the raves I just expected more...

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                      I've had the same waiter the past 2 times I was there - and he remembered me after a whole month. He recommended the Brothers in Arms syrah and it did not disappoint. And neither did he - he knows the wine list really, really well. Youngish, brown hair, weeknights. Good luck.

                2. Their wine bar has a very good selection, and their appetizer selection is also very good. Their food wasn't bad, but nothing spectacular. I prefer Willow and Carlyle Grand (food wise) in Arlington.

                  1. Tallulah is right around the corner from where I live and I've stopped in on numerous occasions for a bite and drink (usually sit at the bar alone). I think overall it's very tasty, a little pricey, and a good addition to the neighborhood. There are a few things on the menu I just didn't like much. Love the fried green tomatoes, and the desserts.

                    For super casual bar-type food that is tasty, I love Galaxy Hut. Funky and divey, but where else can you get a decent burger or chilli AND play table-top Galaga or Ms. Pac Man in Arlington? ;-) Good selection of beers (limited wine and no booze) and a tasty brunch on weekends (sloooow though). You might like this place if you're coming from Brooklyn.

                    Ethnic-wise, I also really like Guajillo for Mexican and Pho 75...these are between Rosslyn and Courthouse. El Pollo Rico...sooo good, that's my comfort food.

                    More pricey, Ray's the Steaks is fantastic..but prepared to run the gauntlet to get in or wait for a very long time.

                    For coffee or good chai, check out Murky Coffee.

                    For wood oven pizza, Faccia Luna is good, if sometimes inconsistent.

                    1. The bar at Tallula is closed this week and will be reopening as Eat Bar next week, according to the website. Seems I recall a Wednesday column from Tom Sietsema a couple months back that the new bar will offer more casual (and less expensive) dining. Might be worth a visit when they reopen.

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                        Ah yes, completely forgot to mention that! I walked by yesterday and they're doing quite a bit of work in there...can't wait to check it out!

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                          Have you tried Eat Bar yet? I plan on going Monday.


                      2. Love El Pollo Rico! I moved away from Arlington, and this is the restaurant I miss the most.

                        Something to be said for a restaurant that specializes, and only has 3 items on the menu.

                        1. Another vote for Willow as a great upscale neighborhood place, especially the bar area, which has full food service and is friendly and laid back. Plus it's non-smoking, which is nice. It's something Ballston was SORELY missing.

                          I've only been to Tallula on the rare occasion, but have never had bad service. As mentioned above, Eat Bar has potential. I imagine Tallula service is great when empty or moderately full, and horrible when they're slammed.