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Dec 15, 2006 09:00 PM

Should Gourmet Burgers Make the General Best Burger List?

I’ve seen debate about the best burger in the city, every so often I see places like the 21 Club, Spotted Pig and a few others and have issue with this. Should a gourmet burger make the same list as places like Burger Joint, Clarke’s and Melons? I think that a Roquefort burger from Spotted Pig, while glorious, is in a completely different category. Thoughts?


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  1. It would depend upon how you are defining "gourmet". It is such a subjective term. For example, why would you consider Spotted Pig to be in a different category than some of your other choices? Is it based upon the restaurants prices or buzz? I think you can try to distinguish between upscale or expensive burgers like 21 Club and Union Square Cafe (to name only a few)and other more reasonably priced burgers but it comes down to taste. I would take the burger at Mollys, for example, in a second over the much more expensive 21 burger. Does this mean Mollys is gourmet? Truly a matter of personal taste.