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Fun and Interesting Restaurant in Miami

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Looking for ideas on fun and interesting restaurants in Miami. I'm taking a friend for dinner, and would like to wow her with my chowish abilities (food and drinks should be great).

Thanks for any recommendations.

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  1. You gotta be a little more specific.

    1. If you are looking for an amazine experience where cost isn't part of the equation, check out Karu and y.

      1. Apologies. I would like to keep the tab under $200 for both food and drinks. My friend loves italian and I like anything really (maybe not asian food for this occasion). A trendy atmosphere would be nice.

        1. Absolutely Barton G on south beach if you're going for the wow factor. It's pricey no doubt. But also trendy and the presentation is ridiculously cool. Every menu item has a unique presentation. For example, my yummy duck dinner was served...in a wooden duck.

          1. Barton G has awesome presentation but the food is not great and thus overpriced.

            What they do have now is a nitro bar with very expensive drinks $25, but they are great and since there is no ice in the drink (the alcohol is frozen and melts over time in the drink) it is far stronger than most regular drinks and very much worth it when compared to the rest of the bar.

            If you do decide to go to Barton G they make a great onion soup - you should stick with fish dishes for the main course, the best one being the tuna steak. Avoid their meats. The aforementioned duck is not so great.

            I also liked the chocolate dessert I had there recently. I forgot what it was called though. It came with nutella along with other sauces and had chocolate bars with nuts as part of the dessert (this should be enough for you to figure it out). The second best dessert is the cheapest one where you dip doughnuts in different sauces and whipped cream.

            Desserts are huge there so only get one.

            Personally, I'd rather do something like Social over Barton G given your reqirements if you are going on friday or saturday. Social has a bunch of small dishes which you can try. Has a great bar and is easily the best early night scene in sobe on friday and saturday.

            1. Not sure if sardinia is trendy enough (though it is a nice place that gets a pretty good crowd) for what she is looking for. I could be wrong. Anyway, I really like the food, so if I am wrong about the scene side I would absolutely agree with you.

              1. Thanks for the recommendations... Any places that you would recommend the food as well?

                1. Nobu is the best of the trendies (and is probably the best restaurant on the beach), but is a chain and if you have been it is ho hum. If you have not, that is your restaurant.

                  I heard that Johnny V has come back to the astor. If that is the case and it is good as it used to be before he left - This is the restaurant you are looking for, provided you have not been to nobu.

                  BTW if you go to nobu, do not get sushi.