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Dec 15, 2006 08:06 PM

Port as a gift

I am looking for a nice Port to give as a gift for Christmas. Gift limit is $50. Any suggestions?

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  1. I gave someone a bottle of Graham's Port a while ago, at about this price level. I think it was a Graham's Malvedos 1996. What I really did was go into Sherry-Lehman and asked one of the odloer salesmen. It was like consulting a swami on wine, esp. as I was trying to buy things that were inexpensive. Find a wine store, and tap into the sales staff. Perhaps you head for the one with the best port selection in your area.

    1. Porto is a wine, not a spirit, so I would thoink you would get much more suggestions if you posted your question there.

      Clearly it depends upon the TYPE of Porto the person receiving the gift likes. Do you know if, for example, they prefer Tawnies or Vintage? Do they have the patience to cellar a young Vintage Porto until it matures? (Then it's like giving them two gifts -- the joy of opening the present is repeated years later when they open the bottle.) Or do you want to give them something to enjoy right away?

      Either way -- not knowing where you live makes it difficult to make specific recommendations away from the "major" names (like Graham's, Dow's, Taylor Fladgate, etc.). If the individual likes Tawnies, it's hard to do better than a 20-Year Old Tawny Porto from Fereirra or Barros (if you can find them where you live). You can still find some single-quinta Vintage Porto around in the $50 price range, but -- again -- it depends where you live.

      I, too, would sugggest you seek out the retailer nearest you with a good selection of Porto and ask the sales staff.

      1. What does the recipient currently drink? Tawny or Ruby? Vintage? That will give you an idea of where to start (give him/her something within the preference scope, but a bit different to try something new). Don't know where you are located, but if you or recipient can legally have something shipped to you, then take a look at the K&L website and order. They have an extensive selection with good descriptions. If you call them you can even ask to talk to their buyer to get more assistance.

          1. re: The Ranger

            and consider LBV. wrote about one on the above thread.

            1. re: kenito799

              Well . . . the only reason I did NOT suggest an LBV in the above post was the price range. You can get a good LBV for far less than $50 and -- if it is a Traditional LBV -- you can age it in your cellar for a while. But I didn't want to confuse the issue: one should NEVER spend $50 for an LBV.

          2. Thanks for all the feedback. Sounds like I have lots of choices!