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Dec 15, 2006 08:05 PM

The Kitchen Opens Up In Southern California

The Kitchen, the upscale Hong Kong style restaurant out of Millbrae in the Bay Area has opened up in Alhambra at 203 W. Valley Blvd., in the location occupied for many years by Jumbo Seafood and more recently NYC Jumbo. The Kitchen serves dim sum at lunchtime (actually opening at 9 am) and is in mix for the upscale dim sum crowd with Triumphal Palace, New Concept, Mission 261, Sea Harbour etc. Actually dim sum service is hybrid, with one or two carts circulating along with a few trays, with patrons also ordering off the menu. Unfortunately the menu is in Chinese only so if you're like me and don't read Chinese you either have to ask for translations or stick with whatever circulates. Food is kind of pricey--A, B, and C dim sum are roughly $1.90, $2.80 and $3.80, and almost nothing on the dinner menu is under $10. As with the Millbrae location, many innovative items populate the dinner menu. The Alhambra branch doesn't open quite as late as the Millbrae location, closing at midnight. The Kitchen in Millbrae is one of the very best Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area, so I think we're in for a treat.

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  1. WOW... thanks for the heads up!! We are going to have to try this out soon!! :)


    1. Just checked back. They do open until 1 am. Dim sum is very good and delicate. One item I had not seen before was cheung fun (rice noodle roll) with a deep fried crispy exterior.

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        1am!! Sounds great! I go to school nearby! :) How is the overall vibe of the place? Fancy? Midscale? Will they look at me odd if I do a to-go order?


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          Restaurant is kind of upscale by San Gabriel Valley standards, particularly when taking into account the pricing. (Even the noodle dishes are $10 and up.) No problem with takeout--I've been once for takeout and once for dine-in. Also, if the Alhambra branch is anything like the one in Millbrae, it'll be a late night hangout with a definitely un-fancy crowd. Last time I was at the Millbrae branch there were people waiting to get in at 11 pm, with a mixture of families, young adults, and older folks in the restaurant.

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            Thanks!! School starts next week and I can't wait to try! :)


      2. Thanks for the news. I passed by the other week and was wondering what restaurant was moving in. We'll be there as soon as we can.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. "As with the Millbrae location, *many innovative items* populate the dinner menu. "

            can you give us an example? thanks.