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Dec 15, 2006 07:37 PM

anyone eaten at Plumpjack Cafe since the new chef took over?

Just curious if anyone has eaten at Plumpjack Cafe in San Francisco since the new chef took over a month or two ago. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Just returned from an ill advised dinner here.. What to say?
    I don't believe this is a "chow" destination. Everything seems a little off.
    I began with a fois gras starter. The fois gras itself was excellent, but the exceptionally bitter chopped olives topping it were bizarre. My husband was not crazy about the "crab essence" foam topping his Dungeness crab first.
    My John Dory was seriously over cooked and my dh's beef was basically tartar (although not chopped). The service was equally as poor and the wine... well, it's been a long and expensive night. One I should chronicle further but would prefer to forget and hope to help someone else avoid!

    1. I ate there about 2 1/2 weeks ago and was terribly disappointed.

      I have nothing bad to say about the service but the food was completely off. The only bright spot was their hamachi tartare starter. It was delicious.

      My dining companion ordered the steak which I believe was a ribeye. He ordered it rare and was given an almost well done, very poor quality steak. Although the steak was disappointing, the mushrooms that accompanied it were quite good. I had the scallops, there were three. They were perfectly cooked but so over salted that I could barely finish one. I love salt so for me not to be able to stomach the amount, you know something has gone all wrong.

      I was really shocked at how bad the food was. We decided not to risk dessert. I won't be back and wish I could have my $250 back.

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      1. re: PumpkinHead

        I was really shocked at how bad the food was. We decided not to risk dessert. I won't be back and wish I could have my $250 back.

        The price is for two?

        1. re: Waterboy

          Yes, this was for two. The wine we ordered was inexpensive.

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            Well, $250 won't make or break anyone, but knowing you're paying a high premium for low quality has gotta be unpleasant. We'll keep the review in mind.

      2. I went about two weeks ago and was looking forward to it because I had heard good things about the new chef. We asked if there was a tasting menu and the waiter disappeared to the kitchen for a bit, and then returned to tell us that we should come back in January for the tasting menu... they were too busy this time of year. My boyfriend had the fois gras appetizer and the ribeye, which were both ok. I had the hamachi tartare and the scallops... just ok. All in all, I really wanted to like it, but I thought it was very heavy and rich and a bit disappointing. The wine list makes up for it a bit, but I would not go back.

        1. I ordered a German Riesling.
          At first the waiter tried to steer me to an Alsatian Riesling 3X the cost. When I said I wasn't interested he insisted this (the German) was a great "food wine". It was unbearably sweet and I sent it back. There are many good German Rieslings that don't fall in this category and the waiter appeared to be ignorant of the wine list.
          In it's place I chose a French white I was familiar with in the same price range, but this was a poor start to the evening.

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            1. re: Waterboy

              Poor to middling.
              The fois gras app itself was very good but it was topped with extremely bitter chopped olives. Bad idea! John Dory way over cooked and served with an unidentifiable veg. Dungeness crab salad had off flavors and the Kobe beef culotte and veal cheek were beyond tiny and just "meh" (guess better thay were small in this case!). The potatoes accompanying this were awful.
              We were seated far too closely to the table next to us. The couple on a date, seated there, made comment. They were not at all happy with their food and were pretty vocal about it. They chose to leave quickly rather than continue to "share" the evening with us. Who could blame them?!

          1. This is so tragic. I didn't realize they had changed chefs. I think I've reccomended it recently not knowing. Ugh.