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Dec 15, 2006 07:21 PM

Russ & Daughters Smoked Salmon Question

Hi- I am planning to buy smoked salmon from R&D but honestly don't know much about it. Can it be packaged and sealed so i'm able to refrigerate? If so, for how long?

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  1. They will package it for you in butcher paper and a plastic bag, which is good enough to refrigerate for a few days. Since they sell several different types of smoked salmon I would simply ask your counter person about keeping times. They are generally very helpful, even when quite busy.

    Don't forget to take a number as soon as you come through the door.

    1. I was there this morning--good to beat the holiday rush. I prefer the gaspe smoked salmon--mild and fatty and not salty at all. It never stays around too long with family, friends and even furry friends (cats) begging for more. I bought today to last easily through Monday if needed. But it won't if you know what I mean. They have a number of lox varieties--ask for a tasting once you explain what type of flavor you are looking for. Also, try a few other things out to round out the experience. Open till 7 and starts at 9am. Enjoy

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        i like the gaspe best too...

        and to the OP: i highly recommend getting some of the baked salmon too...and the whitefish/salmon salad too...i wouldn't worry too much about keeping time: it's so good that no matter how much i buy, i end up finishing it in 24 hours...

      2. Excellent- thanks for the tips you guys!

        1. also try the Trout Roe (amazing), the sturgeon (expensive, heavenly, worth it), the belly lox is the old school biz (super salty, not for the meek), the wild salmon is excellent too, and the gaspe always delicious. also great are the caviar cream cheese, the tofu scallion is a vegetarian favorite, great halva, great matches fillets, everything is great!!! long live Russ...

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            The Pacific wild salmon is fantastic with more complexity and firmer, non-mushy texture.

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              The last time I purchased the wild salmon (in October) it was a great disappointment, not smoked sufficiently or something similar. I suggest asking for a sample taste of all smoked salmon here, or at the very least, the smoked salmon.

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                Definitely taste before you buy to find what suits you. What knocked me out about the wild salmon was the subtle tone of the cure, just enough to highlight and not cover up the unique taste of wild Pacific salmon. Wish I could find something that finesseful in San Francisco.

                Also loved the pastrami salmon, the polar opposite. It's all about the cure and seasoning.

          2. Okay -- everone says go here, forgive me, but do they sell bagels? We're out-of-towners and we'd only be going here for a meal or part of that "food tour" that I have in my file -- thanks.

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              When I was there a year ago, bagels were available. Not great bagels, but if you're pressed for time or want to get a sandwich for the plane, a convenient option.

              1. re: Silverlaker

                Yes, they sell bagels, as well as bialys.

                Presuming the "food tour" you have in your file is mine, I mention in it that you can get sandwiches at Russ, but it is strictly take-out. There is a bench in front of the store, so in fine weather, you might be able to park yourself there if it is not occupied. Better still, you can go a few blocks west to Allen St., where there are benches along the mall.

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                  if you walk to grand street between Essex & Clinton - there is a place called Kosser's - they sell bialys as well as bagels. They make the bialy's fresh all the time.