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Dec 15, 2006 07:10 PM

rasoee downtown, couldn't even take 1 bite

i know its a chain, i know reviews have been mixed at best. but you know how sometimes you want a burger and only a handformed, grilled top quality burger will do, and other times you just want mcdonalds, thats like why i tried rasoee. i wanted butter chicken, even if it wasn't the best, but still alright, so mixed reviews aside, i got some to go. i got home, took out the soda cracker looking naan....first bad sign. then i opened the chicken. it looked and tasted upon dipping my finget into the sauce, like cream and cayanne. i threw the whole thing out and am going to be hungry until dinner now. what garbage.

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  1. It has been nasty since the first day it opened. Have no clue how it stays alive?

    1. If my parents caught me paying $2.99 for a samosa and some chutney, they'd slap me. You can get four for a dollar (at infinitely better quality) in Rexdale or on Gerrard.

      And their paneer is such a joke. Four measly bits of paneer floating in a watery sauce? Walk the extra two minutes to Trimurti or something.

      1. yeah i agree, their curry is shite. Walk a few moments down queen and get gandhi's butter chicken instead