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Dec 15, 2006 07:06 PM

What Chow do you ship to yourself??

Ok, chowhounds here's my question:

What food/food related items do you love so much that you ship them to yourself if they are not available in your immediate area?

I live in a part of the country where if you want anything out of the ordinary you have to find it and have it shipped in. So far, I've been lucky with citrus (, chocolate (, and a few other things.

I'd love to hear what you've successfully shipped to yourself for some new ideas and sources.


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  1. Joe's Stone Crab claws... straight from Miami! Have friends over and crack into them! Yumm!

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    1. re: SChalfant

      Oooh, those look terrific! What size do you like?

      1. re: ExercisetoEat

        Selects and Jumbos are the way to go. Mediums aren't even worth your time.

        If you're ever in Miami Beach, you have to go to Joes. But go at lunch to miss the insane dinner crowds. If you have kids like us, lunch is also the only time to go. It seems a lot of families hit lunch.


      2. re: SChalfant

        Thanks for suggesting the Stone Crabs from Joe's. I always go there when I am in Miami.

        How do the shipped ones compare? Do you think these kinds of crab are available anywhere else?

        1. re: Fleur

          We've always been happy with the shipped ones. We ordered from Joe's the first time, but for the past few years have been ordering direct from a place that catches their own. If you just want to buy stone crab by the pound, try Moore's Stone Crab in Longboat Key. No frills and much better prices than Joe's. We've also ordered great stone crab claws from Captain Billy, and this year we've ordered 6 lbs from a new one to us -

          Picture from our second annual visit to Moore's Stone Crab restaurant this year.


      3. After reading several posts about Wickles I knew I wanted to try them. My first order in November took a little longer then it should have but they made up for it with an extra jar of relish. My second order arrived today; 2 64 oz jars of Wickles (Wickedly Delicious Pickles). I knew I would have to share and wanted to have enough!!!

        1. Yup- love the stone crabs. I live in the Boston area, so lobster and steamers are plentiful- but when I go to visit my relatives in the mid west, I ship us a clam bake to enjoy with them.

          1. Lowell Farms jasmine rice -


            Wonderfully aromatic rice - love it.

            1. A former Chicagoan now living in the mid-Atlantic, I ship myself Fannie May Chocolates (specifically Meltaways and Trinidads) on occasion:


              I've also considered shipping myself Jeni's Ice Cream, but usually just pack the freezer with it after a trip through Columbus over the holidays:


              (Although I'm getting dangerously low on the toasted brioche special...)

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              1. re: spyturtle008

                holy crap that jeni's ice cream sounds unreal.

                now i'm drooling into my keyboard.

                1. re: annimal

                  Among my favorites are the Maker's Mark butter pecan, Cocoa zin, and Gravel Road (salty caramel w/ almonds). I'm really liking the cassis yogurt that she's got as part of her Marie Antoinette line, and hope she keeps that and the brioche around...

                  There's also a flavor she makes on occasion called 'Influenza' -- hyperfruity with a healthy dose of brandy. Got me through my last cold in one piece -- better than anything my doctor could've given me. (Comes in a non-alcoholic version for the kids, too.)

                  1. re: annimal

                    wow....i second that. i have to try these. this has always been my dream (to open my own ice cream line with crazy flavors) ugh!

                    these flavors sound great, but how is the texture? is it comparable to store bought brands such as ben and jerrys and haagen daaz? i use those examples because i think those are the best two textured ice creams readily available throughout the world. (although there ARE better ice creams not easy to find) thick and creamy? im about to buy this for gifts for multiple people and am afraid to blow it by spending hundreds of dollars without having tried it myself. :X

                    1. re: junglekitte

                      The texture is great -- especially for the ice creams and yogurts. She uses high percentage of milkfat in most all of her flavors, which makes them very creamy and not as 'hard' as most storebought ice creams. For instance, when I get them home and off of the dry ice, I have to wait for them 'warm up' in the freezer before digging in. The sorbets are also 'soft' -- I served some for some guests last night (pear riesling and blood orange / pomegranate -- yum!) and although they didn't necessarily look pretty in the dish (probably more due to my 'scooping technique' or lack thereof), they disappeared to raves almost instantaneously. I'll also note that these two sorbets were found in the back of my freezer from last Thanksgiving's trip, and held up absolutely fine over the year.

                      I'm sure your guests will be thrilled with your gift! (How can I get on your list?!) I hope you'll post again with their reactions :) .

                      1. re: spyturtle008

                        wow thanks for responding so quickly! i will absolutely post with their reactions. i hope they love it. thanks for recommending it.

                      2. re: junglekitte

                        so i sent 10 flavors of this to my family for xmas...and they LOOOOVED them! thanks again for the rec. :D next time i hope someone sends these to me. hehe

                    2. re: spyturtle008

                      I visit Columbus a few times a year and buy several containers to take home with me. I pack the cooler and some ice packs and they've looked at me odd more than once when I ask to try five different flavors then end up taking home four pints of different flavors I didn't just try!

                      So far I've really enjoyed Honey Vanilla Bean, Thai Chili, and a Pumpkin Five Spice.

                      1. re: spyturtle008

                        I'm going to Columbus shortly, and this will definitely be on the itinerary. Thanks for the heads up.

                        1. re: Louise

                          Another place I stop at when I'm driving through Columbus is Graeter's, which is a regional chain that also has legendary ice cream. I'll confess though that I've only tried one of their flavors (most of the cooler space is taken up by Jeni's by the time that I get there), Buckeye Blitz (chocolate ice cream with peanutbutter cookie dough and big chunks of dark chocolate). We were sent there for dry ice the first time we were making a Jeni's haul since they'd run out, which is how we stumbled upon this place.

                          Also, when you stop at the market for Jeni's, save room for lunch. There are lots of great food vendors to choose from (including a Vietnamese vendor who usually has good bahn mi, although this last trip they were kind of sub par).

                          I usually end up with an armful of salsas from the salsa vendor there, too.

                          1. re: spyturtle008

                            Thanks for the tip. Actually a few years ago I brought back an assortment of Graeter's for my sister who missed it from the year she lived there.

                            I will try the banh mi and salsa though living 5 min from Fruitvale's International Blvd (Mexican *and* Vietnamese porkadelic delights), it may be like bringing coals to Newcastle.

                            And I'm really looking forward to knockwurst and spaetzle at Schmidt's.

                        2. re: spyturtle008

                          Now I wish I would have asked for that ice cream for Christmas! (pouting... :-()

                          1. re: spyturtle008

                            I think it's a very good thing that I've never had that ice cream, and I think I'd better not start now. Holy cow. I'd have to go to ice cream rehab.

                            1. re: spyturtle008

                              Spyturtle, thanks for bringing up Jenis! After ordering the Marie Antoinette combo pack, I am a huge fan! Thanks thanks thanks!

                              1. re: The Engineer

                                Excellent! Now I need to get in touch w/ Jeni to see if I can get her to start a referral program :). Out of curiosity, what were your favorite flavors?

                                1. re: spyturtle008

                                  Toasted brioche with butter and jam, star anise with candied fennel, and chestnut & honey yogurt blew me away. The other three were merely excellent...