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Dec 15, 2006 06:57 PM

Lactose-free milk and paneer?

Does anyone know if you can use lactose-free milk to make homemade paneer? Does it yield similar results as using regular milk?

I just got an easy recipe for homemade paneer from a friend that I'd like to try. It involves boiling whole milk and adding fresh lemon juice as the curdling agent.

The other threads about paneer emphasize that you should use good, whole milk, which I plan to (organic and lactose-free!), but I'm just not sure if the lack of lactose will affect the results.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I don't want you to feel your question is going neglected. I have made paneer myself and though I am not lactose intolerant my understanding is that almost all of the lactose is removed with the cheese being drained and the whey whic is drained off is what has the lactose. Where this differs from cottage cheese which is produced by rhe same method is that cottage cheese has cream, or milk added back to it after it is drained so lactose is re-introduced to the cheese. You may be able to enjoy paneer all on its own while it is a fresh cheese. Of course, the older the cheese the less the lactose content.

      1. oooh, wow, thanks Candy and Scott! I'll make sure to add paneer for the Indian feast I'm planning for Friday night!