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Dec 15, 2006 06:57 PM

Mariage Freres Teas

Where can I buy a selection of Mariage Freres teas in Toronto (Bloor-Yonge preferably). Holt Renfrew has basically stopped; and that wonderful store on Yorkville went out of business a year ago. Eros is my favourite, but willing to try others. (Don't like Marco Polo).

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  1. I've seen them at Willams Sonoma, they even carry Eros. I haven't tried Marco Polo, but a lot of people seem to like it? What does it taste like?

    1. Yesterday, the Bloor-Bay Williams Sonoma had only 2 MF types: Ile de Vanile (flavored black tea) and Camomile. We bought one of each. The Eatons Centre store said they had one Eros left, but we couldn't get there. This is a far cry from what Holts and the Yorkville store (Serenpedity?) used to carry. Alas.

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        has anyone had luck finding MF teas in Toronto? I'm looking for the Mariage Freres Wedding Imperiale...tia!

        1. re: berbere

          Just saw them at Balzac's in Liberty Village, at least 5 kinds, maybe more. Perhaps Balzac's in the Distillery has them too?

      2. If someone were to describe the flavour of Marco Polo to me, I would likely lose all interest in trying it. I received some as a gift and, having tried it, I LOVE it. Get the water temperature right and don't let it steep for anymore than 3 minutes or you risk turning it bitter. It's a sublime tea.